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Hair Style HELP!

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the image below is me ^^ please give me a suggestion for a new hairstyle please!!! i'm going in to college so there is no more restrictions in hair.. i always got my hair "2 by 3" and no bangs below the eyes which is the official haircut for the school
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Just let it grow wild and free like the wind No more rules!
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Its too short to get it cut right now. Let it grow a bit, and in the meantime look around for styles you think you like. I like Jude Law's hair quite a bit.. it works for me since my general shape is pretty close to him, and we both have large foreheads.
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get a mohawk. they're neat.
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It isn't bad now. To most, shorter at the temples would be an improvement.
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Asian guys can look pretty good with long hair. I say grow it out more. Too manny people your age already have that haircut.

Whatever style you decide on, let the hair grow out thats directly behind your ears, and clean up the the airea where your side burn merge with the rest of your hair on the side that boarders your ear to look more clean cut.
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