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Can anyone comment on this German designer? Anything from quality to style to pricing to availability, etc.



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I work as a buyer in the Firma flagship store in Berlin and can (hopefully) answer whatever questions you have about the brand. Basically, the collection is created in Berlin and manufactured almost exclusively in Germany. Cuts are long and slim with minimal shoulder padding and extra-long sleeves. The look, ever since the label was born ten years ago, is minimalist. They coats almost always have a military touch to it. Great stuff, in my opinion---bias aside! Hope this helps a bit. Going to have to check on retailers in north america. I know they have a retailer in Canada and I heard something about last season items showing up in Century 21 in NYC.
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Pricing (in europe in euros):
Suits: from 505.00
Coats: from 450.00
Trousers: from 159.00
Shirts: from 129.00
Jackets: from 350.00

As far as the quality goes... we're having some problems with one of the fabrics that was used for a line of suits but other than that I think the quality is very good. The designers have a penchant for the most expensive fabrics but they're not always the most robust unfortunately.
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