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Do guys have links to your stores?

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Can anyone point me toward Chicago screws / interscrews that with a barrel that's ~ 1/2" long but still thin enough to pass through the hole on the back of a key? I have a key holder whose capacity I'd like to expand slightly, and the relatively short Chicago screw that's currently in place seems like it's often in danger of coming unscrewed in my pocket.
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I made this for a customer in Singapore. This is his third shell cordovan wallet from me. This is trying out something I've never done before and overall, I'm very pleased with the final product.


Made fully from Horween Natural Shell Cordovan, 3 slots, 2 hidden slots, and an expandable coin pouch.





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Do guys have links to your stores?

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You can find Deusis at Guarded Goods


I'm at W.H. Earl 

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Clayton UK Whiskey Shell Cordovan Exterior


Horween Burgundy CXL Horsehide Interior


Shinki Hikaku Shell Cordovan for Massdrop


Horween Color #2 Shell Cordovan Wallet


Horween Color #2 Shell Cordovan Wallet


Shinki Hikaku Japanese Shell Cordovan Wallet

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Made myself a carry-on luggage.
It is prototype v2.0. v1.0 can be seen here:

I have plans for v2.1 as I made some mistakes in the design.


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I can add that this is the second leather piece I ever made...

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I decided to document my process from beginning to end for a custom Shell Cordovan wallet. Below is the finished product and here is a link to the entire process. Just a warning, it is a 104 image album.


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Busy weekend!


New Mid Wallet style I just completed. Shinki Hikaku Shell Cordovan Exterior, Horween Burgundy CXL Horsehide Interior.



Italian Whiskey Shell Cordovan Card Holder


Horween Natural Shell Cordovan Exterior, Light Tan Baby Calf Interior.

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Few other items I worked on for my first brick & mortar shop.


From the back...


- Shinki Hikaku Black Shell Cordovan exterior, Black Baby Calf interior, black thread, black painted edges

- Horween #8 Shell Cordovan exterior, Ilcea Cognac Kangaroo interior, natural thread, brown painted edges

- Italian Whiskey Shell Cordovan exterior, Light Brown Baby Calf interior, natural thread, brown painted edges




Not for the shop and not Shell Cordovan so technically it is cheating but I figured you'd all appreciate.


Black Nile Crocodile lined with Blue Baby Calf with Black Thread and black painted edges.


Custom order for someone who wanted side facing slots. Shinki Hikaku Brown Shell Cordovan exterior, lined with Ilcea Cognac Kangaroo with Medium Brown Baby Calf interior, natural thread and brown painted edges. Really pleased with how this turned out.


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Hi guys. After failed search of perfect briefcase i decided i will make one myself. I would love to here from you what do you








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Here are some Port Wallets built in Horween Shell Cordovan, most of them are Reversed Color #8, with a single Color #8 in back. See more here

Here is a recently built Enfold Wallet built with Horween Shell Cordovan Color #8 

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Who can find me/make me na affordable sketchbook holder

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Got my hands on some very soft oiled indigo nubuck. Paired it with natural veg tan on select pieces.

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Anybody know of somebody who makes few fobs? I'm interested in a design that's more towards a key fob, instead of a lanyard or keyhook.
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