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Belts, every man must have at least a good one made of real leathers...

Thick and very durable to last until next generation.


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Thanks Obbi! Those bags amazing. Your going to have two very happy owners.

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I've been really digging indigo leather lately, so I've started a little series of projects using indigo oiled nubuck that I came across a few months ago. First up, billfold with oiled indigo nubuck outer, veg tan inside...




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Anybody own a belt from Orion? Super cheap for a full grain leather (at least advertised as such) belt. Otherwise I might just get one from the Epaulet sale (curious as to who makes them as well)
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Obbi, great pics. What are your thoughts on using a Japanese style cutting knife vs a round knife?

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Hi Friday!
I use Japanese style skiving knife for curve cuts, round knife for straight cuts.
Round knives gives better control and effortless for straight lines.
Please be really careful if you are trying them smile.gif

The above cutting pictures, cut this curve design.


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Very nice cuts! I use a round knife for most cuts - you're correct, they are very dangerous if not used properly. I'm really curious about the Japanese knife though, I think I'll have to give it a try soon.

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Thanks Friday! Looking forward to see you playing with more knives smile.gif

Got commissioned to custom a knife bag for a chef.

More pictures and description on our blog




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^ That chef is going to be very happy.


Here's a long wallet we usually make out of 3oz veg tan, but we got a batch of oiled burgundy that was a bit heavier so we decided to try it out. It feels really nice and has  a bit more heft than our veg tan version, but still not as bulky as the traditional biker wallets.




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I've been really into using the oiled indigo lately, great color for fall...




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Seeking advice from you experienced & knowledgeable leather guys.

Is this a defect that would fall into the "returnable" category? i purchased this belt at a reputable retailer (made by a reputable maker), it's veg tanned and dyed Latigo color. I'm sure both the retailer and maker would happily work with me, I just don't kow if it's a defect or character mark? I didn't notice the damage/imperfection (for lack of a better term) until I got it home and was applying a coat of conditioner.




I'm not concerned with the dark circle (pictured in 1st image above) but rather the imperfections along the lower edge.




Appreciate your thoughts.

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Patrick, I saw your post on Sufu as well - natural character marks of leather are one thing, but that looks a bit chewed up. I suggest talking to the store where you purchased, most shops and makers should be willing to make it right.

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I got a really nice side of Olive Chromexcel, so I knocked out a couple of pieces. It's almost brown in color, then the olive really comes through in the pullup.


Passport cover


iphone cover (fits iphone 5)

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