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Shoe Damage Part #10...Just a Taste

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It's great to be back....

John Lobb Seymour with double leather sole in dark oak on the 8695
John Lobb Chambord in dark oak buffalo calf w/ storm sole on the 8695
C&J Handgrade Cleveland in dark oak on the 337

Edward Green Berkeley in clove suede on the 202 last
John Lobb Prestiege Line Portman in dark oak on the 8000 last
Edward Green (for RLPL) Cardiff in edwardian on the 89 last
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Welcome back. Just curious, do you have insurance on your shoe collection?
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Yup, and I save receipts else who'd believe me.

Please also let me know if you guys prefer the photo with the flash, better detail, real color distorted or no flash with less detail and truer color.
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I particularly like the Cardiff and the Cleveland. Maybe it's because I'm in the market for some new bluchers.

Welcome back, Aportnoy.
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Welcome back, Aportnoy! To your question: I prefer the real color, no flash. Curious what others think...
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Andrew, I'm away for a couple of weeks and you've left and returned, all the while involving yourself in a forum-wide manhunt. I do respect a man that lives life in the fast lane. Gorgeous shoes, as usual, and I think I prefer the photo without the flash. I'm guessing more lighting is asking a bit much, but maybe you can play around with the camera settings to find the aperture, and increase that by just a bit. It should let more light in, and if you've got a steady hand, it won't blur the photo. Oh, and welcome back.
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Love the Portman and Cleveland, thanks A.
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Originally Posted by whnay.
Love the Portman and Cleveland, thanks A.
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Flash is better. Thanks AP.
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You can also take the non flash photo, adjust the levels in photoshop and it will improve the brightness significantly without affecting the quality. Takes < 5 minutes.
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Welcome back Andrew! I just love that Cleveland

I personally prefer the shots with flash
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What about insurance on a second house to store all the shoes in???

Great shoes, as always...
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Aportnoy, how does that new Lobb last fit on you? Do these wider Lobb lasts fit you just as well as those RLPLs only in width D?
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Welcome back

The Clevelands are the nicest C&J's I've seen so far.

How much does the flash distort the true color? I can see the shoes much better in the pictures taken with the flash, but I am wondering how much does it throw the color off.
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Outstanding! How nice to see the words "Shoe Damage..." in the first page of threads. And what eye candy!

On my monitor, the photos with the flash look a lot better. You know, like the way they look when all the paparazzi are upon us... But really, I think in the low light there's a bit too much noise in the image for my taste.
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