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What's your favorite magazines for fashion?

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I haven't been able to find a magazine I like enough to subscribe to, and I was wondering what you guys read.

I find the occasional cool t-shirt in Juxtapoz, and I have bought some issues of magazines like Blackbook and Paper, but for clothes they kinda suck. Lemme know what ya think.
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I go to Mitsuwa and buy the Japanese magazines. huge is one they stock that I really like. Has a lot about denim in it.
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The first issue of Mens Vogue was really good, are they still publising it and if so how has it been? I would probably like to subscribe since GQ has gone down hill fast.
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Men's Non-no
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There's a magazine called Menswear from WWD that's decent.
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Menswear is the best fashion mag I've seen. It has no unrelated articles and is 100% about clothes with tons of photo spreads. Comes out 4x year
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In no particular order:


Mens Non-No

Dad's Style


Arena (UK Edition)

Arena Homme Plus
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Necrobump because i couldn't find a thread in General chat or entertainment and didn't want to make a new one.... Couple magazine reccomendation questions: I was thinking of getting some magazines. Mainly for something to flip through on the toilet and stuff as i know gq/details/esquire isn't exactly super respected around here. I was wondering what would be worth subscribing to out of some of the men's magazines gq esquire details mens vogue 1) If you had to pick 2, what would it be? 2) Are there any decent unisex magazines in a similar vein? 3) Are there any fashion magazines that appeal to a slightly younger fashion oriented crowd (i don't wear suits yet)? I thought i remember seeing somethings similar before. Is nylon any decent? I've browsed through it for 2 minutes once and it almost seemed too trendy. They had a men's nylon too. 4) If you guys had to reccomend 2 fashion magazines outside the US (in english so i can read it) and that are decently priced/accessible for me in the US, what would they be? 5) Top 2 women's mags? The ol' gf wanted one and asked me for a recommendation. Vogue, W, Instyle? I have no idea. links on best prices to subscribe for the non-mainstream ones (specifically for magazines in questions 2-4) would be nice as i know magazine prices can sometimes vary
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I bought expensive euro mags before but felt they're a waste of money. For your choices above I'd say details is the best of the bunch and gq. I have a sub for both for 18 bux, not bad for casual reading material.
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Fantastic Man.
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A new one that I saw called He had some good stories on young designers, Timothy Hamilton, Patrick Ervell, Bblessing etc.
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Fantastic Man and Vogue Homme are both excellent magazines. Unfortunately, they only come out twice a year.
If I had to pick two off your list it would be GQ and Vogue Homme. Esquire is awful and I never really felt details. Although GQ has gone downhill as well...
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I looked through Men's Vogue(US version) on my break yesterday and it was terrible. Much worse than gq, esquire and details. There was even less fashion/clothes talk than gq/esquire/details and the articles were terribly boring (for me at least). It seemed geared as a lifestyle (almost zero fashion info) magazine geared towards men in their 40s-50s. I'll probably just get a subscription to GQ, and then Details and/or Nylon(just to mix it up with something almost too young). It'll mostly just be bathroom fodder so it's not a big deal. I was just interested if there was some kind of mythical "perfect magazine" out there.
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+1 to Mens Non-no, Smart, and Huge And Ill add Mens Knuckle (for wilder style), Mote One, Street Jack, and Gainer. Speaking of Smart, they came out recently with a apartment/house design special News Mook. I really regret not picking it up as it has some sweet ass designs and instructions for buliding some pretty cool furnature
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Any UK Music Rag. NME is my favorite. I have gotten a lot of good ideas from them.
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