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Flusser: Light / Bright (PiC) Contrasts

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Do most of you do this on an everyday basis?
With skin tone/eye color/hair color/compl. as a basis for anything we wear yet can get confusing even with visual representation, so I present a scan of a Light/Bright fellow. Here is an example from Flusser's DTM. I've also found that wearing an item to match ones eyes does wonders. You can see his eyes have been doctored, but insightful information nonetheless.
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Honestly, the only difference I see in the two pictures is that the guy is smiling in one and not smiling in the other. I feel that if he was smiling in the first picture he would look just as good as he does in the second picture.
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In some ways I think this gentleman looks more authoratative and business oriented on the left. Whereas, the right he seems more casual and the bold blue patterned pocket square on the right would be a bit much I think in alot of the business oriented fields.

I do like how the silverish tie does match his hair in the left photo also. He may be a bit more washed out, but for the purpose of business I would be conflicted as to which is truly the better look.
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Haha, Soph, way to beat Flusser at his own game. See, when you change the face and give the guy on the left a smile it changes your whole perspective of him. Good work.
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The picture on the left also seems to have his eye color dulled.
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I have to disagree with Flusser here as well.

Left - CEO

Right - middle manager
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