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red dress shirt in wardrobe?

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just curious who has red dress shirts in their closet and how often they use it, it can be red with stripes or whatever variation and was wondering what people match it with. I've seen PG in his "what you wearing pictures" pair it up with white jeans. Was wondering what else a shirt like that could go well with next to blue and white jeans. Worthwhile to have in one's wardrobe?
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Unless you are fighting to unify Italy ... ... ... (off to Wikipedia you go) ... a red shirt isn't going to be much help. A white shirt with red stripes (Bengal stripes &c) worn with a dark & solid-ish tie and a dark suit can be nice, though.
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Bright Ferrari red, no. A lighter red tone (more towards pink actually) or deep burgundy stripes can be very nice paired with the right suit and tie.

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I have one, but it is more of a maroon, I would not wear it to work as bisnuess wear though. I only wear it when I go out sometimes.
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red is for gangster
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IIRC, I've not seen a red dress shirt that looked good to me. I'm not a fan of them or any dark colored dress shirt.
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FWIW - I have a red end on end shirt from Kiton that I really like as well as a H&K red check that I wore just recently.
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Red dress shirts have unsavory associations, at least to my way of thinking. This picture is from a 2007 movie called "The Walker." The main character had a flashy wardrobe, with dark bodied shirts and contrast cuffs and collars.

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If Diddy has one, I say get one. If Diddy doesn't have one, I say don't get one.
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PG is allowed to wear anything he wants. For the rest of us, no.
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Go for it if you can look as good as Nick Cave on the cover of Tender Prey.
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I have a white shirt with a burgundy/rust Bengal stripe that is very classic and I wear quite frequently with both greys and navies. I have a white with small red check that I wear fairly infrequently. It’s much harder to match and doesn’t go with ties very well. I had a solid red office shirt. I gave it away. Useless and unbecoming.
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Red Gingham/Checks or Red Bengal Stripe >>>>>>>>> Solid Red
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I have a white/burgundy bengal strip OCBD shirt that I wear frequently. I'm wearing it today with charcoal gray trousers, olive jacket, burgundy monkstraps, belt, and socks, with a red/green squares pocket square.

My one solid red shirt sees only occasional wear during the evenings, for dates or casual dances. I usually wear it with off-white cotton trousers or white jeans.
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i was not thinking of a dark red dress shirt, but more of a stripped bengal red white shirt, or a summer looking one which is a light red/orange with a blend of white. Kind of hard to describe, so sorry for the vague description. Is there some guy of rule most of you have, like I will normally wear this shirt 1 x every 2 weeks when justifying whether to buy it or not?
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