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Saks 40% off private sale

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Did anyone make it to the private sale yesterday(5/1)? I went at the last minute, 10 mins before closing and found amazing pieces. Economy is obviously leading to poor consumer spending, 40% Off Everything.
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How does one find out about such sales, eh?
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Matt: Shop frequently, get to know a couple of the sales people, and occasionally buy something. Ask to be put on their mailing list. I like the Saks both in downtown La Jolla and Fashion Valley. IMO the one in Fashion Valley is even nicer than the one at South Coast Plaza. The Beverly Hills one is also great, but I like the one up here in SF the best of all the CA stores.
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Yeah, I also wished I had heard of it, before the fact... Does private sale mean invitation only? Perhaps nextime someone can post a thread giving us a heads up? (Similar to the Barney's Warehouse sale a few months ago) I can't afford to shop anywhere frequently, but love a good sale.
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the higher end department stores often have private sales before the sales go to the general public and they are often reserved for the big spenders on the dept. stores own credit card or whom buy a lot and have a personal relationship with one of the salespersons and have been put 'on the list' so to speak the private sales are often on a select evening or after hours (they often rope off areas of the store with all the merchandise so only the people with an invite can access it)
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