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So is going to be in town next week, and I was thinking about being fitted for a couple of pairs of dress slacks. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following issues:

1. Has anyone ordered slacks from them before? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on whether you would recommend ordering from them.
2. What style should I go for? Here is their listing: I was thinking about either s-2 or s-6(without the cuffs).
3. What color/material would you all recommed? Currently, I don't own any dress slacks. I was thinking about a light weight wool. Maybe one in black and one in a light grey. What do you all think?

I could really use the advice...

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What color shoes do you have? That should help narrow your options.
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I have a pair of brown CT chelseas on order. I'm looking for a good pair of black dress shoes.
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I'd go with a light grey and maybe a charcoal
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Any opinions on which cut to go with?
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What are you going to be wearing them with?
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With those shoes, you should get one pair that is black or dark gray (for the black shoes) and another pair that is navy, light gray, or some variation of brown or olive (for the brown shoes). I'd stay away from "odd" trousers, since these will be the only dress pants you own.
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Any opinions on the quality of the trousers from this source? In line with Chan, roughly? He'll be nearby next weekend, and I may try a pair just for the heck of it.
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I was hoping to find out the same thing. Guess I'll have to wait till they come in to let you know.
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Anyone have first hand experience with stuff? Pics perhaps?
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There's lots of threads on Hemrajani / in the archives. Do a search.
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Originally Posted by raley
Anyone have first hand experience with stuff? Pics perhaps?
Andy has a suit made by him that looks pretty damn good
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I'm also curious how Hemrajani trousers compare in quality & fit to Chan.
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So I've been reading some of the old posts, and I guess the consenus (sp?) is that Hemrajani isn't as good as Chan. Has anyone had a good experience?
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So for clarification, is Chan
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