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Correct cuff length on shirts and jacket?

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I am never sure if the cuff length on my shirts or jackets are correct and it is driving me nuts. I know my size, but that does not seem to help.

What is the point on the arm, wrist or hand where a shirt cuff and end of a jacket sleeve should fall to get a 1/2" of shirt sleeve showing and not feel like the cuff is swallowing your hand? Please give me a guideline: a wrist joint, a measure taken from my thumb, something?
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"So what's the right length when it comes to shirt sleeves? They should cover your wrist and reach the beginning of your thumbs."

That's correct advice from an AskMen.com article. Its advice on jacket sleeve length is not worth quoting. The sleeves should just cover the wristbone, even if the distance to the thumb isn't exactly a 1/2".
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I read the article, but "the beginning of the thumb" is not a point I can identify precisely.
Is there a well defined lenght that the shirt must have?
Can someone post pictures?
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This always bothers me too. My shirts either swallow my hand or don't have cuff, but I don't want to shorten my jackets any more. To locate the start of the thumb, simply move it around and feel for the bone in the hand. I hope they were being precise with language and that is what they meant by the "beginning of your thumb."
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I can feel it, I also just found a picture in the Roetzel book.
If I am right, another way to see this should be: The palm as looked upon from above , on the side opposite the thumb, makes an outward curve. The cuff should rest just before the beginning of that curve.
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Try this. With your arm relaxed at your side, bend your thumb up as if you are hitch hiking. This forms a notch at the point your wrist and thumb meet. This is where your jacket sleeve length should be. Shirt sleeves a little longer than this. Shirt sleeve length will vary as the circumference of the cuffs may differ. First get a measurement for the sleeve cuff circumference you like and make your cuffs all the same.( by moving buttons) Then determine the shirt sleeve length. I like to measure from the wrist bone (bump on outside of wrist) to the finished shirt sleeve length as a control measure. By applying these two methods you will know which is off, the shirt or the jacket, and which needs to be adjusted. This is just a starting method. If you like your sleeve lengths longer or shorter, start with this method and adjust for your style or taste.
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The rule of thumb, har har, is that your shirt cuff should end 4.5" away from the tip of your thumb, standing naturally. That's for a person of average height and proportion. Your results may vary up to .25".
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