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OK, so where can I get good v-neck sweaters that fit well? I am in Britain (so I use the word 'sweater' solely on this forum and a raisther different word in real life) and know nothing about this garment, as I have never bought one. The last time I wore one was as part of my primary school uniform.

I think I want v-neck. I am not sure about the various materials. What is the difference between merino, lambswool and cashmere and which is best? Where can I shop (online, perhaps?) to get these things?

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You are in luck as Britain produces the best knits in the world. Look for made in scotland sweaters. Get cashmere if you can afford it. Try a bunch on before buying. You could even visit hawick where the mills are and probably get them for cheap. Search scottish sweaters on here and on ask andy forum.
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Jumpers chap!...You mean Jumpers, dont you? Anyway, cashmere is the finest (of the three you mention) but is probably the most delicate (not necessaily delicate, but relative to the other two). Lambswool will have the hardest hand, and Merino in between. A decent merino will not break your pocket book and will serve you fine enough for layering and your daily use. Cashmere will be the warmest of the three.
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That's a rather broad question.... Personally, I find these types of sweaters indispensable, and use them ALL the time. I'd recommend: 1. Fabric - Something with a decent amount of cashmere, or pure cashmere over wool. Wool's not terrible, but cashmere is nicer and if you're only going to have a few, why not enjoy them. Merino’s not too bad, a good starting point. 2. Collar - I prefer V-neck over crewneck, just gives more options at the neckline 3. Price & Quality - There's a range of styles, qualities and makes. Anything from $50 at H&M to $400 at RL and beyond... as usual, you generally do get what you pay for. Personally though, I think most stuff at under $100 is mediocre at best, and there’s no reason to pay full retail for anything over $200 or so. Probably about $100-150 is the right place to start. Ralph Lauren Polo or Black Label makes some very nice ones. 4. Colors – depends on what you’re wearing them with (jeans or a suit), your skin-tone, eyes, etc, and also time of year… my basic go-to one is a light grey, and navy. Then I’d add something like a burgundy or dark orange, and then for summer, something like a light pastel blue or yellow…
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Pakeman Catto and Carter cashmere jumpers are £135 and made from Scotch cashmere. When one says that cashmere is the warmest, does that mean that I will boil if I enter a warmer place?
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It really depends on the thickness of the sweater. Thin is best for wearing under a jacket while you can get thicker ones for wearing as the outer layer, like the chunky fisherman's sweaters it seems everyone's been going crazy over lately.
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If you're in UK, probably you can find easily John Smedley on sale. There are currently many Smedley Sea Island cotton or merinos wool sweaters on ebay UK (from last year collections) for around 30-40 quid. I bought 3 last month (cotton cardigan, crew and v-neck). Excellent price/quality. And I've paid before 4 times this price for cotton or wool Cucinelli, Loro Piana, Borrelli .. it does not make sense.
Otherwise I really like the Italian cashmere from Cucinelli, Avon Celli, Della Ciana, Malo,etc. but cannot justify another 400+ USD for a sweater...
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Originally Posted by BareSolid View Post
Pakeman Catto and Carter cashmere jumpers are £135 and made from Scotch cashmere. When one says that cashmere is the warmest, does that mean that I will boil if I enter a warmer place?

Some of this depends on how you intend to wear it.

I'll wear sweaters on their own. With a shirt underneath. Under a jacket. Or even with a heavy winter coat. The weather decides on heavy versus light plus all the other options.
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John Smedley? Cotton?
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Yep. I wear the cotton jumpers/sweaters inside/office during the winter, the ones in wool are too warm sometimes. Most John Smedley wool sweaters are lightweight and they come in various fits.

Current John Smedley cotton range

See link1


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I generally prefer wool to cotton, unless it's a sweatshirt, but that's totally different.
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All depends on what you intend to wear them with. If with a jacket and (potentially) tie then V-neck is really the way to go. If more casual I would recommend the 'roadster' style from Loro Piana - I have a few of these and they are very versatile and look great

In terms of fabric I would always go with casmere (just vary the weight for season and purpose). Lots of good brands - Loro Piana is my go-to, but equally impressed by Cuccinelli, et al. Also like the look of Drake's new v-necks; might have to give them a try
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Smedley at discount are definitely worth the price. I own quite a few Sea Island Cotton and Merino Wool V-Necks and they still feel and fit great after many wears / washes.
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Is there no consensus on this? Some are saying only cashmere, others are saying 'sea island' cotton and others 'merino wool'. I am very sure I want long-sleeve v-necks, so which online outlet can I find good oens at a good price? It is not my intention to wear them under sports jackets (it's just not my style; if I'm wearing a sports jacket I'll not wear a jumper).
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AS others have mentioned, have a look at John Smedley. If you're close to London they have a dedicated store just off Bond Street, and Selfridges carry a huge range too.

I have bought many John Smedley jumpers over the years and found them to be excellent.
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