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Ironing dry denim

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Alright... so I couldn't hold out six months for a new pair of jeans. I was at the local denim bar and they had some Jean Shop jeans and I had to get them. They fit so damn nice. It goes without saying that I had to buy them. I think I will not buy anymore jeans for about 7.5 months. I got a baby on the way and need to start saving some cash (mini nudies for the little bugger). Anyways the only problem with the jeans is that, while they are dry jeans, it seems as if they are purposefully crinkled. They don't come nice and flat like my nudies, lvcs, or sugar canes. But the calf area has some pronounce verticle wrinkles that I don't particularly care for. Is it possible to iron out the crinkles? And if so how should i do it without f---in up the denim if it will even matter?

BTW these jeans are hot!! Full selvedge crotch area with hand embroidered leather patch. The hardware could use a little help, though.
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nope, ironing won't fuck them up at all. After I wash my jeans I iron the selvage stripe, both inside-out and right-side in. (I really want train tracks ) btw, congrats, daddy-to-be. Post pictures of the jeans too
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Second the congrats on the denimhead multiplication---baby, I mean. I done ironed me canes, under advisement of Minya and others, to ensure my selvage lays flat to encourage coveted train-tracking. Fear not the iron. Durable fabric it is.
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I like the random / weird creases, so I dont support that. But I do support flattening the selvage.
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Thanks guys. I will post pics of the jeans, but my camera is at my sister in laws house. left it there after easter. These jeans are amazing though. Just a lot of small intricacies. The only problem I have is that I am currently wearing my RRDS and SSDS every other day and the RRDS are looking pretty damn good these days and the SSDS are getting there. I don't want my nudies getting jealous. BTW my canes are pretty much neglected, except for when I go hiking.
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