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Rob/White Zombie
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Originally Posted by West24 View Post
i lik to listen to all diff trance when i run. above and beyond etc. pendulum is good.
stuff like this...

if you like pendulum, you'll like High Contrast...drum n bass, but their new album (Tough Guys Don't Dance) is nice high energy for working out
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Live sets from Sensation, both black and white.
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I tend to just listen to whatever's in my iPod. But nothing too fast or my heartright climbs too high. But if it's too slow, I just have a hard time getting into it.

The best individual song for me is Prodigy's Diesel Power. Good thumping beat, not too fast.

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yeah... if u like ministry of sound, there is a compilation series you should check out called "Euro Club Hits" --

it's pretty clear that dance music is coming back around the world -- just check the recent big American hip-hop and R&B hits which are clear rip-offs of the european dance style.....

here's the direct iTunes link to the "Euro Club Hits" series.....
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Start the workout AC/DC Hells bells

Then flaw, rage against the machine, clutch, tool, metallica, paul oakenfold
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80's synth pop and Suicidal Tendencies
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nothing. i wear noise-canceling headphones in the gym so i don't have to listen to rap or dance music.
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YYY's Fever to tell or Show Your Bones.
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All great suggestions.

I just put on daft punk. Skip the live album.

Or if you want some variety, you can download great podcasts from east village radio (
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daft punk, lcd soundsystem, !!! etc
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Originally Posted by Geno Malkin View Post
daft punk, lcd soundsystem, !!! etc

this is great, specially for cardio
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I don't really like listening to any music when I workout.
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^^^ freak

I'm all about GIRLS GENERATION right now
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Right now on my jogging list:
If You Really Love Me - Stevie Wonder
REppin Time - Jim Jones
Code Red - Jim Jones, Stack Buddles
Confrontation - Damian Marley
Beautiful - Damian Marley
Top Shotta Nah Miss- Mavado
What You Know - T.I
I'm Talking To You - T.I
Thug Motivation - Young Jeezy
Gangsta Music - Young Jeezy
Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder
You are the Sunshine of My life- Stevie Wonder
Exodus - - Bob Marley
Jamming - Bob Marley
Satisfy My Soul - Bob Marley
I Am That I am - Peter Tosh
Mama Africa- Peter Tosh
Mystic Man - Petr Tosh
Gangstaz -S.A.S feat UnKasa
I Ain't inna That - S.A.S feat. Slick Pulla
Coming 2 America- S.A.S
Welcome to the Set- S.A.S feat. 40 Cal
We Fly High Remix- Jim Jones
Amazing Grace- Mavado
Stick to the Script- 40 Cal
Play Ting- Vybz Kartel
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