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Pin stripe suits (modern looking?)

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Hello, I am a new poster at this website - great site ~ well maintained. I am a 5"9 male (19yrs old) and am fairly slender. I wish to purchase a new suit and I have been 'saving up' for a while. I live in Canada (Toronto) so my access to some brand names are limited. I just wanted to know: If I were to purchase a new - modern - clean cut looking suit - what should I look for? What brand name should I go to in order to find a slim looking suit? Pinstripes? Colour of suit? Thank you in advance. - Greg -
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I would only suggest that a faint pinstripe be seen. Bolod pinstripes wont be back in until the zootsuite is. Which, by the way, Im still awaiting.
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flodal- Do you already own a suit? Are you looking to buy your first real suit, or do you just want another one? If you're getting your first real suit, it should be as versatile as possible. If not, I really like the new black suits with small white pinstripes. YSL and Dunhill both offer some attractive pieces.
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Hey, Yes I already own a suit or two - now I am looking towards a slim trendy look. All of the suits I have are dress-up black versitile ones which is great, however I would like a pinstripe one now. Any suggestions on specific Hugo or Armani Collection Suits (are they worth the money?) Also - what is a good colour of shirt to wear with a suit like this? Thanks again gentlemen, Greg
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Recently, I have seen some great slim-fitting trendy pinstriped suits by Dunhill, Valentino, Yves St. Laurent, Donna Karan, Versace (watch for crappy fabrics here), and Armani. Check those out. If the price is too high, go with DKNY, Emporio, cK, Brooks Brothers (the MOST underappreciated clothing label).
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I'm 5'11 and quite slender also. In my recent quest for a new suit I tried on suits from boss, ferre, gucci, armani and versace. Of these, the best off-the-rack fits were armani and versace suits. I can't remember whether the versace i tried on was black or a dark navy, but it was a really nice 3-button pinstripe suit and was only $1400can. The suit i ended up getting was a made-to-measure armani collezioni. Since you wanted specifics, the two cuts i liked most were New Comfort and Soft. The first two places you should start are Holt Renfrew and Harry Rosen, there are a couple stores in toronto so figure out where their main locations are. They both carry Boss, Armani, Zegna and Canali. Holt Renfrew carries an impressive list of brands but in my experience Harry Rosen has better selection and service. I've been to the Ottawa and Montreal locations of each store and in both cases I found better stuff at harry rosen. If both of your other suits are black i think you're best off getting a navy pinstriped suit as you need an interview/business suit. As for whether or not armani is worht the money, i think it is. Don't listen to the cheap suit advocates who tell you you're JUST paying for the name, they don't know what they're talking about. At your age though, it might be better to make sure the rest of your wardrobe is up to par before spending 2k on a suit. I say spend the most on what you wear every day.
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Thank you so much for your input...it was all very helpful. - Greg -
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yessss, go with a navy pinstripe. And if you can find one with alternating stripes (light blue/ silver/ lt. blue/ silver) you get the idea. Well, if you got something like that, match the shirt and tie to the color of the stripe. And if you take the advice of a navy suit, a yellow patterned tie (faint dots or the like) looks nice.
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And don't forget to get a nice pocket square. Crisp white linen with peaks. Or a tasteful paisley silk that will compliment the tie. Never use the same pattern for both the tie and the pocket square. I could not be without my gray and dark blue navy pinstripes.
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