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sk8-hi suggestions?

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im looking for a nice pair of designer sh8-hi's. i cant spend more than $100 on them and i would prefer either red or green but they dont have to be that color

does anyone have suggestions?
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Vans make an all white pair. So if you want dressy and cheap, $50, then there you go.
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I have the Vans x Loomstate Bird ones and they are absolutely awesome. Got them from here, at Steven Alan.

I wish I could post pics, but I don't have a digital camera yet.
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^ whoa, those Loomstate Bird ones are nice!
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Uh-oh. I bet you will order them within the next 6 hours, Mr. Tangerine!
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^ thank you for the vote of confidence! I am cut off. I haven't even worn my most recent Vans Vault acquisitions yet.
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Revolve has them too....mmmm, coupon code.....

Take that, Tangerine's wallet!
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I propose a six-month Vans fast.
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I hate this trend of 6 month abstinence!

Good thing my MJ sk8 hi's just came in the mail.
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Vans abstinence can be expressed by the following formula:

6 hours < vans abstinence < 6 months

The abstinence will be greater than 6 hours but less than 6 months.

Ahaz, which ones, which colorway?
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Wore my all white sk8hi's to a party tonight then to the bars. They're pretty much black now
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Originally Posted by tangerine
Ahaz, which ones, which colorway?

I can't find a picture, but basically these except they're sk8-hi.
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what happened to the green loomstate sk8 hi's
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Last I checked, had a few pairs of hosois left...
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