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Speaking of custom shirts...

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Heard on NPR a few days back, that the partnership between Sears and Land's End isn't going as well as Sears had hoped. BUT that Land's End sales are up considerably, mostly due to the "custom" shirts and slacks offered at their web sites. So much so, that they are testing options in limited Sears markets, as well as the Land's End Men's catalog. Here's the link... http://www.landsend.com/cd....5123080 Anyone try these yet?
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This is a shirt that is customised. Not a custom made shirt. You can get some specifics details and a specific sleeve length, but there are many factors that are left out. Brooks Brothers will scan your body with a digital camera, but they will then measure you with a tape as well. Go figure.
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I haven't tried the shirts (what can I say? I'm hooked on mother-of-pearl buttons), but I have tried the jeans and the chinos. I was relatively pleased with the results. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal this week about Sears and Lands' End to the effect that Sears had encountered difficulty introducing Lands' End merchandise to the stores and that Lands' End executives had been put in charge of revamping Sears's women's clothing line. Among the problems cited were the fact that the typical Lands' End customer was significantly more upscale than the typical Sears customer and that Lands' End executives were having trouble dealing with Sears's stifling bureaucracy.
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Anyone here ever had their eyes "measured" at an optometrist by the digital scanner? One looks at a green laser light (the machine is built much like the one used to test glaucoma) and the computer calculates your "prescription." Having had this done twice, I can vouch that it isn't quite accurate, and what the computer calculates as proper corrected vision has been off both times; the proper prescription, in my case, needed to be much sharper to afford good eyesight. I imagine that's the case with the digital scanner BB et al use, and that the salesmen need to verify and fine tune measurements with an old-fashioned tape measure.
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