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Can anyone tell me if pleats on pants are still in style or not
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It's all a matter of personal taste but most suits seen on the runway currently have no pleats or one pleat. I personally only wear flat front pants so my legs look thinner.
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I think two pleats or less are always "in style" (whatever that means), particularly if found on pants that are part of a suit.
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The status of pleats being in or out waxes and wanes. Soon the fashion industry will "discover" pleats again and they will be "in". Pleats are the classic trouser style, however, and all always correct. If you do wear pleats, be sure to cuff the pants. That being said, I prefer flat fronts as they flatter my body type. I will wear single pleats on a dressier suit. I believe pleats look dressier, but some may differ on that opinion. It is really a personal preference.
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Agreed--just go with what looks better on you. Pleats are a little more traditional and flat front is a little "cooler." But just wear whatever looks best. That being said, pleats look horrible, I think, on bigger guys when the pleats are fully opened up.
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I also think pleats can be a matter of personal opinion. I like flat front slacks as well as pleated but I have larger thighs so sometimes flat fronts don't fit well.
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What brand of dress slacks with pleats are relaxed enough so the pleats don't spread on guys that have a bigger butt/thighs? My husband has a "stocky" build and buying pants for him has been a nightmare. Flat fronts are too slim fitting for him. Or, if they look like they're going to fit, the pockets buldge out on the side. Especially after he's walked around in them for awhile.
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Stylegal: What fabric are the pants you're discussing made of? And what brands have you been purchasing?
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I've been looking for wool slacks for him to wear to work with a dress shirt. He's in consulting at a big 4 firm, so needs to dress pretty conservatively. One brand that has worked OK is JB Britches by Nordstrom. I've tried Banana Republic's Smithfield fit and the pleats spread. They look good when he first tries them on, but spread after he walks around a bit. They are pretty cheap wool too. I'd like to get pants with a good quality virgin wool, but not spend a ton of money. I've been successful getting pants that normally go for around $200 and up for $90-100 at Marshalls and Nordstom Rack. I got him a pair of Burberry wool slacks (I have no idea what style), but again, they only fit OK.
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You might want to try John Varvatos, especially from earlier seasons if you can find them. His pants are usually relatively roomy in the seat and thigh. They are expensive, though not very much so for designer clothing, but can often be found at deep discount at discounters and at seasonal sales. Traditional brands like Zegna and Incotex are also good bets, since a large part of their customer base is well-fed.
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Double pleated/inward: traditional, British, classic. Double pleated/outward: traditional, more commonly seen. Single pleat - inward or outward: Cleaner, more modern. Plain front: Ivy league or contemporary, cleaner lines. Sidenote: If you are overweight or fat, don't wear pleats. They make you look even fatter (especially when they spread open).
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Styegal: For brands LA Guy had great advice- but remember he's a thin guy and thus favors flat fronts. I heartily disagree with Feltva. I'm not fat, but could lose 15-20 lbs (I'm 235 now, was 220 when I graduated college), and I look MUCH BETTER in pleats. JB Britches are OK, but Zanella or Joseph Abboud or Bernard Zins at Nordstrom for wool are better. Everyone's heard me rant about BR's questionable quality before, so I'll save my breath. For khakis (cotton) try Bill's, many finer men's specialty stores carry them. E-mail me off list, and I'll give you my whole database for your area. I'll have my web site ready in another week or so, and will post the link to the Forum.
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