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Beautiful! Norcal, you have a farm not a garden.
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Two types of squash, some cherries, and a few heirlooms.

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MY latest addition:


Forget what the yellow flower on top is called. I have a red one that I planted too.

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Today's work...


Lemon ball seedum spilling over, very jameson seedum flowering in the back, and supervivum oddity in the front.

A preview of my next project...

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Anybody know about house plants in here? I picked up an areca palm and its dying on one side only. Very weird.
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All I know about palms is the palmetto which can be a pita. Try trimming the browm stuff off and tfhen trimming the other branches back.
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some work done this weekend...


potted some grasses. Think I'm going to get something new today.

this pot is a one-off from a local potter. It was cast from a log. Hence why it looks like a log.


This will turn almost a fluorescent orange in a bit and fill the pot.


For now this stands like a pillar at top of our steps to the deck. It will become an accent plant when I finish my bonsai bench. In fact it is in a bonsai training pot. It is about three feet of pot and plant.


Also lots of bulbs in the ground but that would be less entertaining than this (but only slightly so).
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By the end of the day I will have planted 70 bulbs. 45 tulips of various varieties and 15 hyacinth. When I get some money again I am going to order some of these bad boys so line the back of my garden in the front of my house.

Basically it'll be the epitome of sex appeal. When them beezies see my garden, they're going to want to take me to their secret garden.
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Edina, what are you using to keep the squirrels from snacking on your tulips? I use large amounts of hot pepper sprinkled on the ground.
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Originally Posted by philosophe View Post

Edina, what are you using to keep the squirrels from snacking on your tulips? I use large amounts of hot pepper sprinkled on the ground.

First time I've planted them so.... nothing. shog[1].gifredface.gif Other than bunch of pinestraw for mulch atm. i'll go ahead and do that later.
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I have decided I will have a moss garden in my new house. FACT. It will have as much sex appeal as this one does. ALSO FACT.

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This is my lorapetalum. It is quite happy. smile.gif

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Also, two points of semi-concern for my garden/skills going forward...

I can't get pansies or violas to stay in bloom. Its strange as shit. I have three violas in a strawberry pot, one does really well, the other two just kind of... meh. I'll deadhead and sometimes get new blooms sometimes won't. I got some pansies at the end of the year for the nursery and wasn't expecting much from them but I've deadheaded and got some small new blooms on them. I'll wait a while before passing judgement there.

But there are daffodils and tulips sprouting up all over the place here for a few weeks. No activity on mine which kinda scares me frown.gif I did plant them late in the fall so that's probably got a lot to do with it though shog[1].gif
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