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the herb garden last year was a sucess, (in fact, some of it, like the thyme, rosemary, and mint made it through the winter) so I'm expanding this tear and adding some jalapenos, tomatoes, and probably a few flowers as well (amarylis, freesia, paper whites). I also bought a small grapefruit tree and a satsuma tree. I don't know how those are going to work out but I'm going to give them a shot. I've also been growing some indoor plants (orchids, daisies, a few succulents and cacti, ficus and palm trees) that have turned out fairly well. and the norfolk island pine that I bought as a living xmas tree is still going strong.
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I have bulbs popping up which is not good. Outside of any sort ecological catastrophe hand-wringing that might induce, it will be low 20s tonight. Also, it looks like Hyacinth popping up and I'm pretty sure I neither bought nor purchased any last fall.

Oh, and I fear squirrels may have gotten to the tulips. Its ok, I only planted 150 of them. ffffuuuu.gif
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Have three varieties of eggplants, three tomatoes and some herbs this year. (My bulbs were a mixed bag, ugh.)

Anyway, I just planted some thyme on Saturday and already its dying! Don't know what's up, the rest of the herbs in the planter are growing and happy... any tips?
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It might be overwatered if it's in the same soil as other plants that require more water.
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Lucky for me it has been a cool wet summer so far (well except for the fact that my David Austin roses blooms hate all this rain).

I have two lilacs to plant this weekend, transplant a rose bush, and plant another rose bush. Hopefully this is the last of it until fall,

Then back to trying to eradicate the wild strawberries in my yard and that god awful English Ivy....
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I'm growing hydroponic Basil. The Basil itself isn't different, just the way it's grown. Currently i have 4 plants that seem to be successful, the rest is kinda meh. I'll start another 20 or so plants this weekend.

Now i just have to figure out how to make large scale pesto production.
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A rose con pollo

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Liked for the pun.
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I'm glad you enjoyed my play with words smile.gif

This time of year is so awe-inspiring. Hoping there hasn't been a loss of interest for gardening on the forum here are a few shots of Spring showing up in my yard...






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Looks like a wonderful garden, Sonny :)


Weather is amazing in NY, going to help my future in-laws with some planting tomorrow.

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No flowers this year (although I might plant a few marigolds today if the rain lets up) but I'm got peppers (bell, serrano and jalapeno), tomatoes, lettuce, arugula, spinach, squash, basil, cilantro, and oregano coming up. It's been kind of cool this spring so far but plenty of rain so it's looking good.

Also the juniper tree I planted last year and had been looking a bit worrisome since fall is growing and looking nice and green.
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Wish I had more room for vegetables. When I lived in NJ we had acreage and built a garden that was a dream. It was fenced on the sides and below (literally underneath the floor of the garden) to keep out the wildlife. Raised beds and drip irrigation proved to make it very prolific indeed. We grew tomatoes, all types of greens, corn, radishes, onions, potatoes, peppers, many types of beans, squash, cucumbers, etc. During the summer months it was hard to keep up with all the food. Never tasted tomatoes better than those grown in NJ. Houston is a more difficult place to grow vegetables. The seasons aren't as reliable so things are hit and miss. This spring has been cooler than normal for us too so the herbs are doing well. They always struggle during the summer though.
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Not really into growing my own veg-- save berry bushes. The thing is, even if I was, I have too many "pests" around that would make the task futile. Between the deer, turkey and other woodland creatures, I wouldn't have anything left. In one part of my yard, the deer have almost eradicated my azalea bushes.

Found a nursery this weekend with a few cold hardy magnolia trees that were quite tempting. I still haven't got around to grinding the stumps down in my yard from all the trees I removed. oy..
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This is my first full season with a backyard to grow things in... We moved in June last year, but were gone all of July, so the gardening was just an experiment last year.

I've got all sorts of things coming out of the ground right now -everything from underground stuff (beets, carrots, jicama, radishes) to bushes (grapes, blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries) to melons (honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe) to herbs (mint (4 varieties), chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, etc.) to pumpkins, beans (I just planted some heirloom pole beans). It's going to be interesting to see what the garden looks like in a month or two! Right now, my biggest producers are arugula (I seriously love adding stuff I planted to our salads) and sweet mint (oh, I love sweet mint tea!).

I'll post a few pics now and then. 

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Things are so hectic right now that I don't want to go too crazy trying to start a garden and then have everything fail, but I did some herbs in containers a few weeks ago. Now that I have a yard again, I couldn't resist the temptation. It's basically stuff I use frequently but neglected and let die while I was in an apartment for the last year (mint, rosemary, oregano). That wasn't enough to satisfy the itch, though, so I picked up a few peppers today - two bell and a jalapeño - that I'm also doing in containers. I won't add anymore this year, but I'm excited about what I've got going.

My son is really into it, too. The herbs have been good for him because they've grown quickly, and I've been able to use some when I cook, which he thinks is cool. He helped me get the peppers into pots today, so I'm hoping I can use it as a way to spend time on a project together while teaching him patience and working toward a goal.
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