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nah that's fairly sustainable

yeah it seems you are right...

well, that was me above, back in 0ct09-apr10.

today right now i weight approx 168-169 lbs.

ive definitely lost a lot of weight and i look pretty good. have nothing hanging off of me and i have a nice washboard looking abdomen.
but now im going for some cuts. i want to get ripped without looking big. get some vascularity and perhaps push to 159-160 and get chiseled. i know that kind of look is not sustainable and is only for bb who are in competition season, but i want to try it.

today i am about 157-158 lbs. have been since late january sometime. ive gotten chiseled absolutely. lot of vascularity (when lifting some weights/working out). been measured to be around 8-9% body fat and wear size 28-29 waist jeans. just for those interested here's a sloppy unfocused pic of my torso w/o a shirt...

i look like i did when i was in college. and ive maintained it for over a month now. im cant believe i did it.

oops. forgot to input the picture...
im sitting down so thus the abdomen looks flattened