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Santoni Townsend vs. Mackay/Asquith....

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Hey everybody....I'm going to wine country for my sister in laws wedding in August. I'm wearing the classic two button navy blazer, khaki type pants, custom white shirt, and CF tie. However, I need a pair of shoes to finish the deal. Best as I can figure the perfect shoes for the outfit would be a pair of RLPL Barksdales----but I'm not too into spending $850 on loafers when I could spend the same amount and have a more versatile shoe. With that being said, I'm weighing the Santoni Townsend vs. the Mackay/Asquith in dark oak (pretty sure they are the same shoe). Problem is, I love the Mackay, but I wear a US 13 and it's almost impossible (short of placing the order through Skyvalet and no guarantee that they will arrive prior; although the EG manager there today for the trunk show said they would do their best) to find anywherre. I've called all over the country, and no RL has them, and for the most part everybody who can get them gives the standard "four months" via special order line. So---I've decided the Townsend by Santoni may be a more feasible option. From what I've seen the shoe looks excellent. However, how do they compare to the Mackay's? Are they handgrade? How is the construction? Is the shoe the least bit antiqued? Anyways any info or other suggestions would be welcomed...If they don't compare maybe I'll just cross my fingers on the special order....And don't forget the Townsend is only $625 as opposed to $850+ for the Mackay......Thanks for all the help gents......
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I have two of the Mackays and absolutely love them, but I think these are shoes you plan to wear for two decades, so planning a buy around a single occasion may be a tad myopic. The Mackays are great value if you catch them at the sales every six months especially with those fitted trees that do a great job on the creases. If you're planning to get them at full retail in any case, I don't think the $200 difference you cite is a factor, then.
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The EGs are built to a higher grade and use better materials than the Santonis at that price point. They have minimal, if any, handwork (as do EG). I don't believe they're antiqued the way the EGs are, but you can work on that after purchase.
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