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Kabbaz tie is not the worst I´ve seen, but one of the funniest ties. What paper is this?
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I'm reminded of my 'youth' (OK, late teens) when I was beginning to pay attention to clothing beyond flannel shirts & jeans. I was looking at my father's (fairly) impressive, albeit conservative, tie collection - lots of BB, Roots, Georgetown U. Shop, w/ a smattering of Hermes, PS, etc. I noticed a couple of real 'dogs' and asked him how they made their way into his closet, and more importantly, why were they still there? His answer taught me a lesson in love, acceptance and humility that remains with me to this day:

"Those are all of the ties that you kids have given me over the years - I could never bear to part with them".
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As I recall, it seems Mr. Kabbaz's tie is a father's day gift he received from a previous year. Great gift.
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I don't have any ties to contribute to this photo album. I used to own a Christmas tie with a black background and Santa in his sleigh, but I "sacrificed" it to use for shoe polishing.

Alex, no fair using "ties" your art students have made!
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