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Wedding attire for the groom (not formal)

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Hi everyone, We're thinking of a late October wedding (don't tell our parents, there's still no official engagement ). It will not be formal and I would like to choose something nice to wear that I could wear again. With this in mind I was thinking Hickey Freeman MTM in midnight blue. Any comments or thoughts? Btw, will they do MTM any time in NYC or do I have to wait until they do a special mtm event at a local Nordstrom? Oh, and does anyone know the name of this bit of jewelry? It is a tiny holder for a boutenierre (sp?). See the pic below. I think this one may show it the best. And I just really like this picture. [nevermind, it seems to have been deleted.] thanks, bob
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ZJPJ would steer you away from HF MTM. I'd maybe steer you away from midnight blue to a more navy shade. Midnight blue might read as too formal, and even black under lower light.
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I'd go with Mr. Ned or Martin Greenfield (but not through the BB Golden Fleece program.) depending on how much dough you have. If you phone MG's office, they will direct you to another tailor who does their MTM through them - cheaper, and more control over what you want. Unforunately, I forgot the name and number...
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Budget, yeah, I forgot to mention that. I was certainly wanting to spend $1500 or less. I figured since HF otr is about 1200 or so depending that mtm would be just a bit more. That was also based on getting a Burberry mtm at Nordstrom a year ago for the same as the otr price.

I picked HF simply because I tried one on the other day and it fit so unbelievably nicely and looked just amazing. What is wrong with HF MTM? Is there a thread I can read for reference? I've never heard about the other two, but just spent some time surfing for Martin Greenfield.

Color: Midnight might be too dark, you're right j. It just seems like there aren't many options for the fall in terms of colors. I don't want black or grey, a shade of blue is definitely best. If it were a summer wedding I could go for something I don't have in my wardrobe yet, but it's not. Either way we're only in the very beginning stages, so maybe a more formal approach would be nice.

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I would say that for MTM, Martin Greenfield's in Brooklyn is the best there is in the US at your price range, qualitywise. On the other hand, if you are willing to shell out $1500 and invest the time, come up to Boston, and have a truly amazing suit made for you by Joe at Rizzo's tailoring. Full Bespoke.
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I believe they are simply called a flower vase or maybe lapel vase or some variation of that. There doesn't seem to be a proper term for it.
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Congratulations! If you run an eBay search on 'lapel flower', and restrict it to men's accessories, you'll find a bunch of them. There's one twenty-or-so dollar silver one that looks rather like Poirot's. Props for thinking about wearing one! Perhaps if you do go to an independent you can go for a particularly interesting blue fabric, something unusual but still sufficiently demure for normal use. I have a suit in a light grey herringbone that has both blue and black in the weave, giving it a sort of slate blue tone. In other words, it's interesting enough to be exciting, but still sufficiently versatile. Sincere regards and best wishes! Huntsman Ps. Can't quite remember if I replied in the plagiarism thread -- but thanks for your response, which I appreciated.
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At that price I would definitely go with Martin Greenfield MTM, Ralph Lauren Polo MTM, or one of the cheaper New York City or Asian tailor bespoke options.
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Huntsman, thanks for the links. Too bad there are so few of them available. I see alot of cheap plastic-looking new ones, but few vintage. I will keep up the search. I love the look.

As for the suit, does anyone have any ideas about having a MTM done in Washington DC? I live quite a few hours from NYC so would have a hard time making it for multiple visits? Maybe I need to start a new thread...shoot.

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