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Originally Posted by ringring
Wide loom selvedge has nothing to do with the the type of weave. It can be woven just like shuttle loom selvedge into 3x1, 2x1, broken twill or plain weave (1x1). The weave is just a result of choosing the sequence of the passing warp & weft threads.

Those Lee's are left-hand twill - you can make that type of twill also on shuttle looms.

The frayed edges is because it's woven on a modern loom which does not have a shuttle to move the weft fabric back and forth, creating the smooth finished edge. In fact the fringe would be a lot longer, except it's automatically trimmed by a cutting attachment on the loom. They won't fray anymore than what you can see in the photos.

Those Lee's are very nice.

Ring ring is absolutely correct. Same loom can be used on different settings. Some lighter weight jeans, for example, are commionly woven 2x1. Oh, don't try 5x1 though. A guy I knew tried this experimentally (jerry-rigged his setup so it would actually do this.). I saw the results. Very wierd looking stuff.

Edit: He was using a very slubby, thick, warp yarn, and said that he was trying to get a nearly cordoruy effect. It just looked strange.
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Hey chrysalid were those true to size? Also did you find out whether they are sanforized or not?
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Originally Posted by chrysalid
just had these delivered today, fit's ok, slimmer than the other jeans i'm wearing at the moment ('55 blueblood and ye olde jap evisu):

but check out the fuzzy selvage - i remember reading about this on sup. talk a while back and i think the general consensus was it was fake, produced by stitching a section of selvage look cloth down the middle of wide loom denim:

oh yeah, the patch is hand painted from what i can tell, and the back pockets are half lined, and fookin massive.

anyway, for £15 shipped i'm not really complaining.

i have to agree those jeans are awesome.
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old thread rebirth. alas the jeans are not true to size, tagged at 34 and measured at about 36, it might be because they are low rise and designed to sit on the hips. the photo doesn't really show it but they really are too big for me in the waist, i presume they've strectched out a bit, a shame really because through the legs they're great.

i was looking through some of the sites on a best website thread either here or over in superfuture and i found a site that was selling them for cheapo, not much more than what i picked them up for them for. i'll have a quick look to see if i can find it again.
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definitely well cheaper than this -

uh, they do a 101b version as well -
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woah ive never seen the 101b version...thats awesome!

So they have not shrank in size at all?
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no, not washed them, just soaked them, can't remember the temp. if they were to shrink the the zip and black fabric that lines the waist band would get all rucked up i suppose.

the only mate i've got who wears raw commented on them, he liked them, but when i wear a belt the waist band tends to sag beneath the belt a bit, and i'm forever hoiking them up. a real shame because through the legs and batty they fit pretty nice.

shit loads of indigo came out during the soak.

i'll probably just save them in case i get fat(ter). have you found a place that sells them? i can't find the site i was talking about, i think they were going for $40 or so but i've checked a few of the ones on the forum and i can't remeber which one it was. it must have drifted off into the inter-ether.

god it's 0130, gotta go to bed.
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I have these jeans in raw, and I washed them too soon. The thighs shrunk and they got tight around my balls haha. I'm sure if I wear them long enough they would stretch out, but I just don't have the motivation right now. I also have big thighs though.

The things that bother me about them is (as above) how the waist sags below my belt. Another belt loop in the back probably would have fixed this. Also, it took me a long time to get used to how low on my leg my wallet was. I wear them a little low though. The denim is very....plainish. There arent many vertical lines, but its kind of nice. I do like the color a lot though, its a bit more greyish than, say, nudies. Just my 2 cents. If I ever start wearing them again, i'll keep ya'll updated.

EDIT: those 101b are frekin' AWESOME. I might have to get me a pair of those....

I just noticed on their site that they reissued the red james dean jacket....i think someone posted about it a long time ago. check it:
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The only place i know that has them online is that oak site you posted.

denimaddict was it just the thighs that shrunk, or did the waist shrunk too?
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^ just the thighs. waist stayed the same.
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To answer the original question, yes these are selvedge.
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