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Armani classico

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I purchased an Armani Classico dress shirt a little over a year ago. I payed just shy of $400 for it, which I now know could have gotten me a Borelli and almost a Kiton. At the time, I really didn't know as much about handmade dress shirts, and hadn't learned yet about the Borelli's and Kiton's of the world. My question is: how do the Armani Classico shirts compare to these hand made shirts? Is there any handwork in them at all? I think if I knew then what I know now, I would have spent that $400 on a Borelli. The classico is a nice line, but is it mostly name and not quality that you are paying for? Is the Classico line of dress shirts made by Vestimenta like their suits are?
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I had one Armani classico shirt which I eventually sold on ebay. The cotton was actually quite nice, and the buttons were decent (stitching of them wasn't so hot, though). My main objection to the shirt is a rather important one. The collar was quite awful to the point where I couldn't even wear it open-necked, it looked that bad. I also managed to pick up a classico suit rather cheaply with the same problems. The fabric is quite nice and I like the cut, but the construction leaves much to be desired. Not having had any experience with Vestimenta, I can't comment on whether there are any differences between their own garments and the ones they make for the black and blue label.
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I agree. The collars on Armani Classico shirts are awful which is a shame given their price. The thing lays flat after one washing.
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I agree.  The collars on Armani Classico shirts are awful which is a shame given their price.  The thing lay flat after one washing.
Ditto. My Armani Classico shirt didn't appear to have any lining in the collar and fell apart after 3 wears. All puckered and lost its shape. Classico line may have GA's personal stamp of approval on it it but who cares - not worth the premium. My Charles Tyrrwhitt standard issue shirts (can buy 5 for the price of the Classico) are far superior in every way and are my daily essentials.
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