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Anyone read this article in the nytimes? i found it pretty amusing. NYTimes - Metrosexuals
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I don't think straight men that take care of themselves should be termed as anything less (or more) than hetrosexual. Its perfectly normal. Its only in the post-depression eras that it has come to be seen as something unusual or feminine. "The first and last thing required of genius is the love of truth." "Everything great and intelligent is in the minority." - Goethe
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What a stupid article. In my opinion, the fact that a man takes reasonable care of his appearance merely indicates the fact that he has respect for himself and others. Why the need to put a label on him? On the other hand, I've never understood this fear that men have - for instance, thinking that if they wear a pink shirt they will be mistaken for gay. Is their sexuality so ambiguous that a pink shirt is going to tip them over the edge? Ridiculous indeed.
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Completely agree w/the above two replies, especially Anomaly's observation that the uncanniness of a well-groomed man is a very recent attitude.
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i agree that is was a 'dumbed' down article on a dumb idea and i just really don't get the 'metro' part of the label, trying to limit this ideal to only hetrosexuals who live in metropolitan areas? makes no sense - overall the whole thing was a waste of an editors time
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It's just another convenient label for the guys in marketing. Apparently this is a new demo for them--they've "discovered" guys who take pride in their appearance. Amazing. The whole thing seems pretty silly to me: what's new about guys who are particular about their shoes, their nails, and their vodka?
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This is the NYT after all... who knows if these so called "metrosexuals" actually exist?. Agreed on the comments above. Hot pink does nothing for my sexuality, it just brings me back to my rad '80s skater days
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I think that there is nothing wrong with a man who cares about his appearance. In reality it is a misconception what is comoonly believed that for a man to be masculine he has to be the macho type who thinks caring about his physical appearance is for effeminate guys. A man can be very masculine and still care about his physical appearance as much as a woman. Men exercise to look strong and attractive. They also care about how they smell and buy fragances, they care about their haircut, and even care about their skin. The idea that caring for ourselves and our physical appearance is a feminine thing is a stereotype. For prehistoric men, women were at the same level than men and they were not what we regard today as feminine. That´s why there is nothing wrong with men who care about themselves.
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i haven't read the above article, but i agree with what you guys are saying. however, let's be aware that there is a difference between good grooming habits and all out vanity. i shower everyday, am picky about clothes and haircuts, and so forth, like most men on this forum. but lately i've noticed a lot of straight guys who pluck their eye brows, color their hair, etc.. i think this goes beyond what one might call "dandyism." i don't know if there's a word for it, but maybe that's what the article referred to. am i wrong?
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Another poor and rather shallow method to encourage consumerism.
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Agreed.   Was Cary Grant a "metrosexual?"  Gary Cooper?  Gable or Fairbanks?  I think not. My secretary told me I am.  Ha, ha, ha.
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So let's come up with a different name. Then narrow it down to 3-5, vote on it, and send it off to the Times or Stan Gellars at DNR. His suggestion, by the way, was "Yummies".
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Yikes. According to that definition I'm going to have to punch anyone who calls me a "metrosexual" on the nose..
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My mother forwarded an article on metrosexuals to me and said she had decided that I was one. I didn't agree, but I try not to argue with my mother in international telephone calls. I will save the argument for the Winter Holidays. Bic
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