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Gentlemen, I came across a cordwainer in Shanghai who makes croc shoes. I know these are not up there with some of the other offerings on this thread, but your opinions are sought nevertheless.


First up: Cherry red shoe, cut from a smaller animal.



Black shoe cut from a bigger animal. More than twice as expensive.



Side details.




Construction. Supposedly hand welted. I specifically asked whether it was Goodyear welting and the answer was "no".



Interior detail.



A test shoe. Turn-around between measure-up and first fitting supposedly one week - fast!



Prices are attractive. Thoughts?

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Looks decent.
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cox - construction looks well made. the less expensive red skinned one is caiman and should be avoided. the second is croc - looks like a mid-range quality skin. consider a higher quality skin if you want a shoe made by this artisan. also perhaps consider your own design, as the designs could be slightly enhanced or tailored to your tastes. Looking forward to seeing what you do.
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Thanks for the feedback. Excuse my ignorance - why should caiman be avoided? Doesn't wear well? Other issues?


I'm sure they would allow me to dictate my own design. And I will probably look through this thread to help me choose a good one.


This project is quite a long way off though - I have other, more pressing concerns. BTW the price for the black shoes (or equivalent) is around the US$3K mark. For that money perhaps there are better (i.e. "old world") options?

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