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Mizuno Wave Alchemy 8 I would try the 5-fingers but I don't think I would like them
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asics. tried and true kayano for training hyperspeed for races
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I've only been buying Saucony for the past 3 years... they are perfect.
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ditto saucony, using omni 6 right now
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nike lunar something, like running on air
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Nike Lunarglide
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Nike Air Equalons and they have to be the best fitting running shoe I have ever worn.
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Just bought another two pair of Sauconys.
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Used to run in Asics Gel Kayanos, but they wear very quickly (couple of months usually), but I switched to New Balance when I was training for my first marathon and never looked back. I've used 990, 1999, 2000, 2001 and since they discontinued the 2001, I've been in 993s. Very comfortable and they wear much better than the Asics.
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Regular training: Adidas Supernova Classic - going on fifth pair in three years, lightweight, responsive, durable.
Speedwork: Adidas Rotterdam
Track work: Adidas Supernova comp.

liked Mizuno Maverick when the first model came out, but the revamp left me cold. For some reason Nikes never fit me right, and New Balances just don't breathe enough - I had to wring my socks out during summer long runs.
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Asics Kayano. Works for me, though New Balance also work fairly well for my flat feet.
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really, whatever brand makes the best shoe for whatever purpose i need them for at the moment.

i train in nike flats and asics speedstars, race in nike flats at the moment, but i have absolutely no brand loyalty
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$50 Asics
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whatevers on special in the big 'Bin 'O Shoes'
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