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Pete ordered me to buy $220 Asics.
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I had Mizunos once, they were very comfortable - really smushy - but they totally fell apart on me. I used to trail run once a week, pretty tough kinda conditions (Vietnam jungle running), and I bought the Mizunos that were recommended by the store for this. They lasted me a month. My New Balances would give me four months minimum. Don't do it any more, so can't speak for th Asics.
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Asics. No complaints.
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Mizunos. Can't remember the model at the moment but I will admit it was a spontaneous purchase after my old shoes were killing me. Several months later, they have worked out great.
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Asics Gel Nimbus
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New Balance because they come in 2E and 4E widths
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Right now I've just about worn out a pair of Brooks (only ones I've ever owned by them).
In my long running career: Probably new balance by far, followed by Nike, and rarely some asics and once I think I had some Mizunos.

These Brooks I have now are ok. Nike has produced probably my favorite running shoe that I've had, but New Balance generally seems to be the most consistent for me (from shoe to shoe).

Don't know what I feel about the vibrams and 'shoes' like them. They're probably much easier to give a try if you don't already run alot.
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Asics Gel-Nimbus 10s. Love how they feel but they have a bit too much of that silver color on them. Otherwise they're fantastic
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Asics Men's Cumulus 10. Very Good support and cushioning yet relatively light weight. Would never go back to the more expensive and heavier Kayano's
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I was a BIG Asics fan.......until I bought a pair of Sauconys. Much lighter, comfortable and easier on the hooves when running or on the treadmill
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post
New Balance. Only company that makes shoes for my Fred Flinstone feet.

Same. New Balance are incredibly comfortable.
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I normally use whatever I can get from Nike or Saucony that are neutral and going cheap. Currently on the second of 3 pairs of Pegasus. Use them for 500 miles then give them away to charity, easiest way to stay injury free.
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Vibrams and some saucony racing flats.
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Asics Hypersprint for track work
Asics Gel Kayanos that cost a fortune and feel like bricks
Cheapo Asics Gel something that are beat to hell but feel better than the $150 bricks
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