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I dont beleive it!

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My first comment when i got on this site was about the fact that men were dressing poorly now and baseball caps. I just got the new GQ at my lunch hour right now . And i found an article by Glenn O'Brien..and listen to this i quote : The baseball cap is just the tip of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic of elegance. Furthermore i quote : on airplanes and trains, where we once saw well-dressed travelers, we now see men dressed for the locker room... SO i was right on.. Hell maybe i should become a writer for GQ. So pick up the magasine and you will see this month there is a lot of nice articles. And for those who said i began here with a negative comment (witch made me a troll.)well i was right on.. GQ is the proff so up yours buddy.
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I got that GQ before I read your post, I totally though you were just reiterating what was said in the magazine; lol.. However, you are correct. Men just tend to dress like crap. Even when I go to the fanciest restaurants and bars here in NYC, I see guys wearing jeans and tees. While I'm not the stuffiest guy, I do make sure I'm wearing at least a jacket while going out to dinner and a pair of shined shoes none the less. The sneakers/baseball cap look is just become to commonplace. I'm sure most men on this board would agree.
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I'm a jeans type of guy, but I agree with you. Jeans and t-shirts do not belong in certain establishments, and it is common courtesy to respect the customs of a place. Trying to get a rise out of someone by dressing a certain way is a sign of a lack of maturity, which is why I think that corporate recruiters would look similarly unfavorably at a man coming to an interview in jeans and a polo shirt and a man coming in all dandied up with a Kiton suit and a Patek watch.
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I think it's in the nature of man, that everything in a previous time was ever so much better. People must have complained about the loss of sartorial elegance when powdered wigs, frock coats, spats or bowler hats disappeared from the streets. People dress the way they dress because it's feels right for them at a given point in time. Keep up the standards if you want to, but don't complain if people don't follow you. I know an old lady in my neighbourhood who keeps up the dress code of her youth: in the summer she wears flowery dresses, lace gloves and straw hats. It looks funny and it looks charming at the same time.
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