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Originally Posted by David Reeves View Post
Don't bother starting off at shit stores. Go for the one you like. Starting off at one of these would probably work against you if I was interviewing. I started off working part time at a great name and after that doors have always been opened. Just go in there looking good and drop off a resume, be nice to everyone but try to talk to someone in charge and then follow up. Following up is really important. I used to get handed about 5 resumes a day and I was mad busy doing 12 hour days. A lot of Those resumes got folded up and left in suit pockets for up to 2 weeks when I put them on again, lost or just thrown away eventually. Try to avoid cliches on your resume "passion for fashion" makes my eyes roll.

Thanks, good advice. I'll go for the big ones for sure, but with the dollar climbing and the job market already not great it's going to be tough for a guy with not much retail experience and none at all in the clothing biz, even if I probably know more about clothing than quite a few salesmen who work at those stores. I'll give it a go though, BR wouldn't be so bad but I would gouge my eyes out if I had to sell the clothing at The Gap.
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I work as an activist for The Flat Earth Society.

Thank God for air travel.

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Originally Posted by binge View Post
Glad to be of help And come Monday, the Internet is going to explode.

The URL?
I forgot the exact name of your org.
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Originally Posted by SirSuturesALot View Post
You are a Urologist?

Haha good guess but dk isn't short for dick but decay (dentist).
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Independently poor.
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SarOx compliance consultant. I'm as exciting as an accountant with the soul of a lawyer.
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Church organist, conductor, music teacher, music education clinician.
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Let's discuss our illegal activities and, please, speak into the flower.
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just like the moniker says, but retired. and living in abject poverty.
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Design and build stuff
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University professor and HIV researcher
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Aerospace/software engineer.
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Dairy Queen ice cream enigneer
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