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A Jantzen take on the Keaton collar

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Long story short, I had an annoying experience last summer seeing a few RLPL Keaton collar shirts that had fabrics and designs I really liked, but being unable to buy them because none were in my size (e.g. my local Neiman's had about 2-4 of each model I wanted in the 15, 16, and 16.5 sizes, but not a single Neiman's in the country was listed as having a 15.5 of any). So when I did my next Jantzen order, I figured I'd show them a few pics and ask them to copy the collar so I could have my own Keaton knockoff.

I got the shirt back today. They did a pretty good job, but I think there was a communication error, as the collar points were about .5 inches longer than I had asked (in my last order they made one of the collars too short, and I had pointed this out to them... I think they overcompensated). At any rate, beyond the collar's being longer than I'd like, which I hope doesn't make wearing the shirt too problematic, I think they did a pretty solid job for the money. I attached two pics below; the fabric I used was Stripe 568, though the base color doesn't show up as well in the photos.

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Looks fantastic! And I wouldn't worry too much about the collar being on the long side. Better to err on the long than short with a cutaway. Fabric looks really good.
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i dont think i could wear a collar spread that wide, but glad to see you got what you wanted at least.
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Looks great. I really don't think 0.5 inch would make a huge difference on the look/effect of the shirt, but I understand how all of us here like things a precise way.

Question, how and when did you place your order with Jantzen? I sent him a fax order a couple of weeks ago and did a follow up e-mail (to make minor changes to the measurements). I'm basically in the position, where i'm just hoping to see a package from him sometime in June or July.
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Very nice! I agree in that the collar length seems fine, at least from our perspective. Enjoy your shirts!
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I have a shirt coming in a couple weeks that is also a copy of the Keaton collar. I am using stripe 609,

as my fabric to hopefully look like this,
Although I have stripe 568 on my list for next order or the next one after that.

We'll see how it works out.
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That stripe is very similar to a RTW shirt I got last year, except the white was sort of satiny.
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I get all my shirts done that way by Jantzen, increasing the point length every time...have just recently asked him to try and make it more spread (totally horizontal so the points meet around the shoulder seam)...will post pics when it arrives in a month.
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As you noted, the collar points are a bit long; the underband on it could be a bit higher as well for an exact copy of the Keaton.. However, that height should be customized for your measurements.
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So has Ricky added this collar to his standard offering or you still need to show him a shirt to copy?
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very nice
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I just did a search on "Keaton," on the forums here, found a few pics of the collar, and e-mailed them to Ricky when I placed my order. Since I'm apparently not the only one who had this idea, you shouldn't have any trouble getting him to recognize what you want. Be sure to tell him the exact length you want for the collar points, though (mine ended up being probably around 4 inches, very close to bordering on unwearable). I ordered it at the very end of March; didn't get a reply initially and ended up sending two more follow up e-mails after a week each, then gave up. Of course the usual story goes that you'll eventually receive a random e-mail from Ricky some while after; he sent me one at the end of April telling me my shirts were done, and soon the charges appeared on my credit card, letting me know that they shipped. I'm probably going to break the shirt out next time I wear a suit; hope I can get a pic then to show how it looks as an ensemble.
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Looks awesome. Can we see it with a tie? One of the things I like best about the Keaton is that the collar is so spread that you can see a little bit of collar band either side of the knot.
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Looks really nice. Makes me consider getting one for myself. How long should the points be? 3.5?
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Can someone who has the RLPL Keaton post the measurements of the collar?

Hopefully someone has this collar in 14.5".
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