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Robert talbott

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I wanted to hear comments on the quality of his ties whether his lowest end tie are worth the price to his highest end seven fold ties. Also, any remarks of the designs would be welcomed too... On a related subject, I remember reading that there was a place in NYC that makes custom ties starting at around $70. I believe the name of the company started with an "S" but I could be wrong. If someone could fill me in, much obliged.. Thanks
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i've found some really great talbott ties in specialty mens stores and Nordstrom. recommend you stick with the 'best of class' line, especially the woven ties. the hand-finishing details are exactly as authors like Flusser describe for high-quality ties. as a matter of fact, you can special order thru the Carmel, CA store (i assume lengths and widths, altho i have only ordered a special tie from their many books of silks).
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A recent trip to the Talbott store in Carmel confirmed my suspicions. I feel that Robert Talbott ties are the best on the market. The only line I would avoid is the "Omaggio" ties. Their standard tie (about $70 retail) is a better made tie than just about everything else out there. Their "Best of Class" ties are as good or better than almost everything retailing at $125.00 or more and their "Estate" ties are in a class of their own. The Seven Folds are tops as well. In the past the only thing holding Talbott ties back was their rather dowdy fabrics. The current fabric selection is awesome though - especially if you like woven multicolor stripes as I do.
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I agree with A Harris. I've bought 2 great stripes this season, as well as a timeless paisley. Lots of color, which I like. Haven't really looked at the sevenfolds that closely...
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