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Adidas Pea Coat

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Just saw this, what do you guru's think? Hit or miss......

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I like the liner, unfortunately the contrasting taping on the zips on the front of the jacket kills it for me.

Way better options out there for the price.
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Playful, but looks too much like a costume. Reminds me of something I wore as a small child.
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TBH i dont like it at all, there are a lot better coats for the money
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If you are 18+ you should wear nothing that resembles a uniform unless:

A: It is a uniform

There is no B.
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Is this the same Adidas as in Adidas athletic shoes? Perhaps they'd best stick to those.
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Are you attracted to this coat because of the zips, patches and pins or have you looked past these embellishments and found something that resonates with you? There are most certainly numerous other options out there for pea coats from the traditional to more fashion forward. IMHO keep looking.
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Thanks for the quick responses.

My search continues for something more traditional, provided its not the same as every other bloody pea coat out there.
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Hardcore dislike.
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From a functional perspective, you won't find very many technical material peacoats and especially with Diaplex. Diaplex is like a micro-climate material, when your ambient temperature is cool, the jackets of the pore constrict to retain heat, when you are warm, they open up to release heat. On top of that they are usually breathable and waterproof.
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450 pounds for that??? you wildin
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This has to be the most criminal assault
on an unsuspecting Pea Coat that
I have seen in sometime.

In all seriousness Adidas just about destroyed that jacket.
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made in china
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made in china,
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