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Underwear bunches up at crotch

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I know this might seem like a dumb question, but I bet some of you have had this problem before. I wear boxer briefs and after sitting down for a while, they start to bunch up at the crotch area, making it really uncomfortable. Would I avoid this problem by wearing a different type of underwear?
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nah. need biggar kawk
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Wear some little panties. Should cover your vagina perfectly.
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I have the same issue. Depending on what trousers I'm wearing it can be worse.
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or kawk needs to be tucked under. seriously: boxer briefs.
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I really don't get why guys wear boxers for underwear. It is so messy for a variety of reasons. I wear the common cotton briefs. You know, fruit of the loom, jockey, fits snug and hugs keeps all junk inside. Doesn't mess with the super 150s pants silhouette. Also you don't have to worry about pushing down your boxers into slim jeans.
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Get boxer briefs from Uniqlo. Proceed in being happy.
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You ask a lot of questions about your crotch.
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I am already wearing boxer briefs but maybe if I get some that aren't so loose they won't ride up so easily.
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Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, etc., ordinary cotton briefs hold it in place and don't mess with your motion. But you get those rubber cuts into your hips that don't heal for decades.

Generally, men with an active sex life prefer ordinary woven boxers (not knit, not boxer briefs). The shorter the leg, the better the feel under slacks.

Woven boxers and slacks best present your head when it's in rest mode or at half staff. And you get the peek-a-boo action. That's the long and short of it. Knits, especially any type of briefs, are for youth who get full-blown boners as soon as they get on the school bus. Keep that stuff hidden unless it's long enough to poke out beyond the belt line.

You asked.
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Originally Posted by sho'nuff View Post
It is so messy for a variety of reasons.

Please explain because i cannot see why they are messy, decent stretch boxers don't bunch up at the crotch and at least you don't look like an old man to the ladies.
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probably could go tighter if theyre riding up
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- B
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i wear boxer briefs and i have never had this problem, ever. sounds to me that you either have extraodinarily small testicles and manhood (which i doubt is the case??) or your wearing ones that are too large for you.

the boxer briefs by design are snug around the thigh area keeping them from riding up your crotch

EDIT- now that i think really hard, i had a pair of calvin klein boxer briefs that were a more sheen material that tended to ride up a little. make sure you get standard cotton ones and ones that end between your thigh area. the calvins i had ended a little higher than my others as well.
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