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Styleforum Benefit Sale - Jackets, Ties, Pocket Squares

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ALL SOLD I got the donated jackets from romafan and will be parting out the lot on here to raise some funds to donate to the site. I have 5 jackets 4 ties and 18 pocket squares. The goal is to make the most $$$ for the site. I'm not profiting here at all. I will accept best reasonable offers. All jackets are 40R with about 25" sleeves per romafan. No measurements please. Excuse the orientation of the photos. Didn't have time to alter them. Anyone who wants the entire lot can have it for $200+shipping. 100% OF PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO STYLEFORUM!!! JACKETS ARE ALL SOLD!!! The Kiton jacket is a burgundy herringbone, 90% cashmere and 10% wool. It is not a newer model and is maybe 15 years old. The craftsmanship is top notch (handwork all over, including all working buttonholes). Double vent. Patch pockets. Little warn spot on the inside of jacket near the bottom button. Not noticeable at all. This is the nicest jacket of the lot. $50+shipping. The Brioni is a nice, nice jacket as well. Glen plaid. Appears to be early to mid 90's model. Lots of hand work including all of the button holes (working cuffs by hand as well). Double vent. $40+shipping. The Christian Dior is made in Italy and is a nice basket-weave type pattern with pick-stitching. LORO PIANA 90% cashmere/10% wool. Good hand to this one and appears to be at least half canvassed. $30+shipping. The Samuelson is half lined, 100% bamboo, made in canada, great feel to it. The entire thing is pick-stitched and is at least half canvassed. Patch Pockets. Single vent. $25+shipping. The Isaia is an older model as well. It's listed as 110's and is a sort of fabric you'd see in the early 90's. Its from the Sartoria line. It's gray with orange and red plaid. No vent. Good amount of handwork. Not my cup of teat but may work for someone. $20+shipping. TIES ARE ALL SOLD The ties are 3 Battistoni (one blue SOLD, one orange SOLD, one green SOLD). Blue has a small pull(take $5 off). $15+shipping/each. There is also an Isaia 7-fold tie, navy with blue and purple polka dots. NICE tie. This one will be $30+shipping. SOLD There are 18 assorted pocket squares. 3 Brioni, 2 Versace, 1 Valentino, 6 Robert Talkbot, and 5 no name. $9 each or $100 for the lot. Minimum of 5. A great start to any PS collection. Good mix of silk, cotton, and linen. Some are more "vintage" some are newer (Talbots). 3 Brioni Versaces on left BOTH SOLD, Valentino right Talbott No markings
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pm sent
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PM sent...
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and PM sent...!
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PM sent on kiton jkt and Versace square
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me too...pm sent
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JACKETS AND TIES ARE ALL SOLDDDDD!!!! Pocket Squares are where it's at. Support our favorite forum people. $9 BUCKS for a pocket square is a killer deal!!! Thanks to all those who've sent payments!!!
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Damn! Missed out again
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This was a quick one huh
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PM on 5 squares
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Lots of pocket squares left. Make me an offer for the rest of them if you'd like...
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shit shit shit shit. missed out. bbwwwahhhaaaahhhhhaaaa.
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PM'd on squares
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good job, stamp!
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PROPS to ROMAFAN!!! This was his stuff that he was kind enough to donate for this cause!!!
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