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Can anyone comment as to suits by Cerruti, a maker whose garb I have yet to try? I've spotted a sharp, pinstripe number on Bluefly, and was wondering what those on the forum think of the quality and workmanship. I'm particularly interested in the fit/silhouette - slim? boxy? Any other makers to whom you'd suggest similarities as to tailoring? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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i had forgotten about cerrutti, he seemed to have disappeared off the face of north american stores but seems more pronounced in europe, and with his recent retirement and a new younger guy in charge (forget his name) the line may get some more exposure i have never owned a cerrutti suit but can recall having had some dress shirts and casual type clothing from cerrutti and although not kiton or borrelli, it is fine well made clothing so i think the suit will likely be well made and similar to armani collezioni/canali and others for example (i don't think he has hand made suits), but i don't know for sure but i think you can be certain to get some good italian workmanship from cerrutti
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Cerruti suits are excellent suits. The 1881 line, in particular is an excellent line, and Cerutti does their own yarn manufacturing, which supplies some of the most well known brands in the world. The suits tend to be more full cut, such as a Hugo Boss. So if you're looking for a more European look, you might have to spend a little more on the alterations. Cerruti, to my knowledge, isn't distributed too widely in the US department stores. Be careful about the Bluefly. I ordered a blue pinstripe Cerruti suit from there a month or so ago. It was listed as 52Eu 42Am, but it was actually a 52Am. I returned it, and they relisted it as the same incorrect measurement they had before.
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There's been some discussion about this brand, including a breakdown of each line. Click here to read it. Here's my two cents: I have a Cerruti 1881 sport coat that I love: three button, no vents, with patch pockets. It's cream colored wool that is so soft I'm almost convinced it's cashmere. The jacket just drapes beautifully on my frame. It is a bit full cut, and fits me much as a Zegna would. I really can't say enough about the fabric. Given the popularity of the movie American Psycho in this forum, there's another point worth mentioning. That is, the suits worn by everyone in the film (read: Christian Bale, Josh Lucas, etc.) were custom made by Cerruti. Clearly, the fact that they're bespoke makes them look great, but the construction and materials are clearly beautiful as well. I would highly recommend the brand, with the exception of the Nino Cerruti line (as someone once said, fused front dross).
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Big Cerruti fan here as well. I have a couple of pair of trousers that are fabulous. I have a short sleeved cotton sport shirt as well that while nicely made and fashionable, is nothing special. I imagine the suits are great, judging by the trousers I own. I saw that suit too and was wondering about it. It looks great. BTW: All the Cerruti products on Bluefly are 1881, which is the high end, and as the immortal PStoller once said, "is very fine stuff indeed."
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The suits tend to be more full cut, such as a Hugo Boss.
Please see my thread on this. Didn't want to hijack this one...
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