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Lands' End custom pants?

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Has anyone here ordered pants through the Lands' End custom program? If so, I'd love to hear some comments on the quality (fabric and construction), along with perhaps some insight into what they mean by short/regular/long rise, etc.
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The pants are both great and terrible:

1) the great: this is a fabulous and inexpensive way to find out your true pants measurements. You need a bit of patience but you will end up with a perfectly fitting pair of pants

2) the terrible: at least when I was using them 2 years ago (at the start of my bespoke odyssey) the fabric was hideous by any standard.

So far as construction, they are nothing special, but perfectly adequate.

When I had perfectly fitting pants, I sent a pair (of course they meant nothing to me so I did not mind if they were damaged or lost) to a famous trousers maker in Naples, and he made me several pairs of the most beautiful pants I have ever seen in the world, without exception. True story.
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A HUGE upside is that they are 100% guaranteed. My girlfriend tried their custom chinos once, and the found that the fit wasn't quite right; she didn't have the patience to keep trying, so she gave up, but her account was credited without a problem. I've purchased regular stock slacks from them -- the fabrics vary in quality. You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying them.
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To give an imperfect definition, rise is the distance from the waist to end of the groin (where the legs of the pants meet). Anecdotally, because "extra" height usually is concentrated in the legs, taller people and short (low) rise often don't mix. Also, rise length affects perceived leg length, with longer rise (beyond what's necessary) making the legs look shorter.
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I agree their fabrics could be better. I used them for a pair of twills. Not sure what type you are looking for. For the cost point you would expect a richer fabric that might equate to something higher end but instead think Dockers quality fabric. I have ordered a couple pairs of khakis from them. I wanted a throw in the bottom of suitcase to wear when you are on downtime or catching the earliest flight back home pants. The problem is that the Land's End fabric that are supposed to be wrinkle free aren't. They still require pressing. Even the 60/40 blends and the wrinkle free treated fabrics so... They don't really work for what I was wanting. I find the consistency to differ. One pair can fit great and the next not and the next be spot on. I suppose one cutter might be more or less generous and that accounts for the variance? Land’s End aren’t exactly cheap for pants. By the time I paid sales tax (yes my issue with where I live) and shipping a $69 pair of pants became $85. Not horrible but certainly not $30 pair of khakis purchased at Costco or Marshall’s either. I have gotten so spoiled since hanging out at this site that I want even my knock about the house on Saturday pants to fit custom. I don’t know if the better fit equates to $30 to $40 or not. If you are close to rack you might be better off having a higher end pair altered. I will probably have some made on my next trip to India with my fabric. Anybody have any suggestions where to get wrinkle free twill? Bottom line is that Land’s End is ok. Not superior. Your fit will be better than off the rack but you will trade fabric quality. PS LE only differs rise on the first order by three sizes - long.... On the next order or follow up you can adjust by half or quarter inches. I am 6'4 - I ordered the largest rise on my first order but I added at least a inch to my next order.
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Thanks for all the feedback. I'm considering them more for their wool pants than their cotton/khakis, but had some reservations about the cost/quality tradeoff. I believe the wool pants are $99/pair...
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Wool? Between that and the sizing information you list about yourself, don't do a short rise. It probably wouldn't look right and would not fit.
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I ordered a pair of the Land End custom pants and was disappointed by both the fit and the quality of the 70s wool, which felt like sandpaper.
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