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I'm interested in ordering some custom shirts online, but have a few questions on fabrics first. Can someone explain to me what is sea island cotton? I'm assuming it's the really soft, dull cotton, used in Tommy Bahama shirts. Also what is oxford, and twill? Does anyone know of a site explaining different kinds fabrics?
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Sea island cotton is not the cotton used in Tommy Bahama shirts... they'd be about twice times the price if that were the case. Interestingly enough, J.Peterman has a good start with SIC: http://www.jpeterman.com/product_pag..._1064_sisl.htm $148 for a designer polo may not be much, but considering JP's price structure, it's about twice what regular cotton would fetch.
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there is a brief descr. of different kinds of shirt cottons/ fabrics at http://www.shirtcreations.com/create.asp generally, sea island is among the best for shirts, it is a brighter clearer white than other cottons. i think the swiss spin it into an even finer cotton, simply known as Swiss Cotton.
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