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Which pair of linen pants?

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I'm debating a couple pairs of linen pants on yoox, figured I'd throw them up here for opinions. Definitely not for business wear:
David Mayer, 51/49 Linen/Cotton

Gazzarini, 99% linen, really like the details on these

There's also a River 100% linen from shopthefinest. Lavender herringbone. What do we know about River?

This will be my second pair, after a light blue Varvatos pair I got from vch. Opinions?

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Well, I'd get them hemmed to avoid dragging on the ground like that. I guess they're both good fashion-y pants, but this belongs more in Streetwear and Denim methinks.
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Hmm, guess I could cross-post. I don't think there's anything inherent about any of them that makes them streetwear...
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I think the post is fine here. I would strongly prefer the Gazarinni. NOTE:

I think River makes fine trousers and Ian Daniels is a very reliable merchant.
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I don't really like the first pair too much...the coloring reminds me of old man jeans. But perhaps this is just the photo.

The second pair looks nice, I like them a lot.
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Of the two pairs, the second is my favorite. They'll look much better shortened to a proper length. Personally, I'd have the legs tapered some too.
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I'd probably prefer the weight of the cotton/linen blend. I even prefer the plain front on that one, which usually goes against my grain. The extra roominess from the pleats combined with the lightweight linen make the already loose fitting pants a tad too sloppy-looking for me.
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out of the two, i'd choose the second. i agree with docholliday's suggestions. i don't particularly like the wide-leg look, but if that's what you're going for then not a bad choice.
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I'd go for number two, and I agree with DocHolliday regarding the width.
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Thanks all. Looks like I'm going to go with the Gazzarrini, hemmed to a normal length. Going to have to send home a foot locker full of clothes when it's time to get out of here
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I'd go for the first one, because it's a cleaner look and I prefer cotton/linen blend than pure linen. The other one is nice too, much more casual.

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To me, they're both vulgar and ugly. #1 looks like WalMart maternity jeans w/ elastic waistband. The 2nd one looks like pleated pajamas.
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^^ ding ding ding we have a winner
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5 year old necropost. Nice.
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Wow. I got the second pair, and beat the shit out of them in the DR. In 2007.
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