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Definitely measure yourself before making a judgment. I have a 1979 36R, and it fits me well. It's not a slim fit, as the sleeves and chest are large enough to fit a thick ski sweater without binding. Good luck finding a vintage peacoat with a slim fit, the only place it will fit closely would be the chest, if sized correctly.
I am ~5'11", 140, with a 32 waist, and probably slimmer in the chest and shoulders than you. Check my profile for previous posts in this thread, where I posted the measurements of my coat, that may help you.
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There is no way to know if this coat will fit you without knowing your chest measurement and if the seller has measured correctly--usually not.

Below I have provided you a link to my peacoat dating guide. Toward the end is information on proper fit, and instructions to the seller for the proper method for measuring the p2p of pea coats.

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Originally Posted by clarinetplayer View Post

Perhaps, it is what one is used to experiencing when it comes to cold weather.

Yes, I am sure acclimitization plays a part. Also important in my situation is the fact that I am, as my wife says, "easily chilled." Whether I am on a motorcycle, on horseback while fox hunting or sitting in a football stadium on Sunday afternoon, I usually feel the cold more than most. Don't know if it is due to lack of substantial body fat or internal temperature regulation, but I am sensitive to the cold.
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Bought an Alpha pea coat. Sizing is a bit off. 


Is a Sterlingwear 24oz a safe bet?

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Guys do you think wearing Peacoats in a tropical country nice?
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Hi everybody, really interesting thread, some of the vintage navy peacoats look great.


I was hoping for a little advice regarding sleeve length. I bought the Saint Laurent peacoat from autumn and winter 2013, but still haven't worn it because I haven't got around to shortening the sleeves yet. I was wondering if there are any rules for sleeve length for peacoats, or guidelines that I could follow. At the moment the sleeve comes right down to the first knuckle of my thumb (the metacarpo-phalangeal joint), which looks too long. On the runway it was shown with the sleeves cropped up on the wrist where blazer sleeves would be, but I think this looks too short. I tried searching, but couldn't find anything to answer my question. Here's a picture of the jacket on a model:




Thank you.

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Apologies if this has been asked before...

I'm looking to invest in a high-end peacoat. Does anyone have experience with cashmere pea coats? My understanding is that they are warmer, but will I be able to go out in snow, etc.? Any other concerns?
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so quick question without going over the entire thread.

what NEW peacoat can i buy that is made in usa and ~$200 and under...

sterlingwear still best?
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