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Originally Posted by Peacoat View Post

Probably the original sailor's name followed by his service number.

Yeah, I actually went ahead and bought the coat. Too good of a chance to pass up, even if it is a bit raggedy.

- Literally NO labels on it other than the stencil.

- No idea what the size actually is, but I'm guessing a 36R.

- Don't know what era, I'm guessing post-1980's

- Inner lining is a dark green/black with dark green cloth in the pockets.

- Found 2 extra fouled anchor buttons in a pocket!

- 4 buttons on each side with buttonholes on both plackets as well


My measurements are:

Neck: 14.3"
P2P: 19"
Chest: 38"


Here are pics of it and how it fits on me. Any better-educated guess as to what it might be would be awesome.

It actually fits well in the body and tapers in the middle nicely.


Standard legal envelope for size reference ...


Missing button ...



Dark green cloth in the pockets




The stenciled name "LIESTER MH" + number


A couple of (moth?) holes in the collar, they don't go all the way through



Stitching coming undone at bottom corner of flap


Not the tidiest of sewing jobs on the collar


Cuff stitch line doesn't match up to itself :facepalm:





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I would say 1965 or before, but the lack of corduroy in the hand warmer pockets is anomalous. Everything else points to mid 60s or earlier.
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Oh interesting ... in any case, I need to work on repairing it and cleaned up.

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Could be the pictures but that coat looks big on you. For sure the sleeves are way too long
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Originally Posted by 7_rocket View Post

Could be the pictures but that coat looks big on you. For sure the sleeves are way too long

Yes, the coat is big on me. Definitely an "R" length, and even an "S" would still be a tad long on me anyways. Need to get the sleeves at least sorted out, not sure how expensive getting the bottom shortened would be if I want to do that as well. The body itself, there isn't actually too much wiggle room when it's buttoned up, so it's at least the right number size.

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double post
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Originally Posted by FatherGuido View Post


I had a suit jacket shortened and it cost $65.  Sleeves are usually $22-30.  Are you sure the shoulders are good on that coat - they look big as well.  It's definitely a sharp piece but I think it's a size too big all around.

Thanks for the info!

The shoulders sit pretty much flush - I have a thicker chest and arms, so it fills out. They do bunch up if I raise my arms above shoulder-height, but that's a non-issue for me.

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Post a picture with better light and without you holding the camera with your arm up.
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Picked up a Sterlingwear 36R Peacoat in very good condition for 1000Yen today at a second hand store...

How does this look on me? Pictures are crappy, sorry... I recently sold a 40S sterlingwear that was too big on me, and was in the market for a 38S. the 36R that i'm wearing feels snug but the buttons arent popping out.. I think the length might be a little too long, but i feel the shoulders and sleeve length are perfect.


ill try and post a better picture, but its hard when im living in a box.
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I'm interested in a fitted pea coat that's pretty warm as I'm in upstate NY.  I would like to get something new.  I've read the last 100 pages of this thread and I can't read anymore cause I'm going insane.


At first I was really into the Club Monaco pea coat or possibly the schott 740c with leather trim cause it looked like a great trim fitting jacket but now I'm considering the Sterlingwear Mil-spec jacket, couple of questions:

1) The mil-spec I've read just has higher arm holes, has it actually been confirmed that it is warmer or thicker wool?  Is the Mil-spec one you guys talk about different than the "authentic" on the website?  Is this better than the "navigator"?

2) How do you order the mil-spec jacket and do I refer to it as "mil-spec" when over the phone or email?  Will they think I want an authentic?

3) Here are my measurements:


Height: 5'6

Chest: 38

Waist: 33

Hip: 40

Sleeve: 32/23

Shoulder to Shoulder: 17.5


My question is what size to go with in Sterlingwear mil-spec?  I'm assuming I size a 38?  I would like to be able to wear a thin sweater underneath.  I rarely wear thick sweaters but I do maybe wear 2 layers under (t-shirt and sweater).  Do I go regular length or short length?  I would like the body to be short (cause I think a long coat makes me look shorter) but I don't want the sleeves to be too short and they are more important.



Here is what I've been able to find on p2p values of sterlingwear from this thread:

 It's a Sterlingwear Authentic size 38R. The P2P measured 21".
40R Mil-Spec. The correct p2p is just barely 21 inches

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I own the SCHOTT 740 and really like it. I am not concerned with mil-spec though.

It may not be the 'favored' coat style or designer wise around here, but I tried many on and the SCHOTT fit me the best. I purchased true to size (38) it it fits exactly the way it should.

They fit well, are warm, made in the USA, manufactured to a high uality standard and the company offers great service.

I thought about the 740C but the leather on the sleeved was not to my liking.
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Hi guys!


which model of peacoat is this in the picture?


It seems to be a schott 740 but in my opinion is more fitted than it..


Can someone help me please?  



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Originally Posted by FatherGuido View Post

What are people's thoughts/experiences with the Billy Reid "Bond" coat?  I'm considering the charcoal version rather than the navy (more versatile/less "nautical", shows less lint etc., more available/less "copycat").  How does the sizing run?
Runs TTS. I got it during a 25% off sale. Sleeves were a little bit long but my tailor easily shortened them. Fit is just the right amount of slim for me. Might be a little tight if I want to layer a sweater but I normally don't need to layer where I live.
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how's this peacoat for looks?

also debating between the navy and the black.
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would be for over a suit. but now you're worrying me that i likely will need to buy 2.
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