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Originally Posted by NotCrispy View Post

Sorry for asking, but I'm dead tired and not really trying to read through 300 pages right now.  What are the current best sources for decent fitted for peacoats <$150 (on sale?) ? Charcoal/Black/Navy. The Sterlingwear ones seem a little thick/chunky but maybe that's just the pictures that I've seen?


I liked Club Monaco's offering when I saw it but it's still $250+ on sale.  Not looking for vintage, looking for a more contemporary fit.  Hate to say it, but think Bond lol

that Bond pea coat is imo very ugly, what is up with that collar and lapels? the fit is decent but nope not for me. I much prefer the traditional standard pea coat which is a timeless look. Why not get a vintage and get the waist bought in for a more tailored look?


Trust me my vintage gets so many positive acknowledgements its amazing.

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Rugby RL Waxed Cotton Peacoat

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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Very good, sir!
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I like the waxed cotton, Alex.
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Horrible. smile.gif
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Pretty bad.
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Received my vintage pea coat from vintage trends today. It was a size 32 labelled as a WWII coat (1945) in decent condition so I pulled the trigger and bought it. Cost under £100 including delivery to the UK.


Upon opening and comparing with my other vintage from 1966 the wool feels a lot smoother than the 1966 coat which leades me to question how authentic it might be as a vintage coat. The wool does not feel at all like the other coat. It seems a little thinner and not as bulky but not coarse in anyway so thought it might even be a blend of materials?


The coat has all the hall marks of a vintage, the cut, the buttons, corduroy pocket lining, unfortunately the label has been removed so cannot use this to authenticate. The sleeves have the stitching 3 inches above the double stitching. There are some wear marks and holes on the sleeve ends which will require repair and some holes in the lining which I will repair.


Some of the buttons seem a little out of place so will need to be resewn.


The fit is snug and I can wear this just with a tshirt so can be worn in milder weather too, I wanted to get one for ultra cold as Peacoat recommended is a little looser to be able to wear thicker jumpers with, and this which should be better suited for colder autumn/spring days.


Here are some pics:










Thoughts? Is it the real deal? What is the fit like?


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Oh and measurements:


 P2P: 18.5inch taught.

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Just a T-shirt sounds really snug. Mine is snug, but I can wear an SNS roll neck sweater underneath. The sleeves look quite short as well. Is there fabric to lengthen them? The length is hard to judge, because of the sweat pants. All in all, to me it looks and sounds as if it's a size too small.
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I agree that the sleeves appear to be an inch or two too short.

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Hi its not really snug as I did wear it with a jumper too and it was then a snug fit. The sleeves have been taken up so there is lots of material available to lengthen them again. I also agree the sleeves are too short but it was advertised as such on VT so I knew I couldnt bring them out if needed.


Regards the length it seems ok but I would perhaps prefer it to be a little bit shorter. Perhaps 0.5 to 1 inch shorter in body length and 1 inch longer in sleeve length.

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I think it is the real deal.

Some like the sleeves to be short; others like them longer. I roll with the longer crowd, as it is an outerwear garment. If it were me, I would probably let them out an inch.

I think the fit through the torso is excellent.

The length should just cover your butt. An inch or two longer is OK. Once it gets into 3" or 4" below the butt, it is probably too long.

You mentioned the p2p was 18.5 "taught." Did you pull the fabric taught and then release it to take the measurement? If not, please do it that way so we will have consistency in the measurements. I would expect the p2p to be right at 18" for a true size 32. This is the first WWII coat of this size we have seen, so I want to get an accurate measurement of it.

A good score.
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Thanks Peacoat I also thought it was the real deal but just wasnt sure with the feel of the material.


When I said 'taught' I mean I buttoned it and lifted the sleeves to get right under the pit and measured it likeso. Hence whilst it was held 'taught' but not overly tight. I'd say it would be a 18 had I laid it down and measured it without disturbing the fabric. I will take more detailed measurements later on and post them up. Any particular measurements you want?

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