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Does anyone know if the Japan exclusive colors of Schott 740 Peacoats have the same sizing as American? Would a 38 in these Japanese sizes be the same as a 38 American?
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Sizes differ between makers of jackets and coats, even if they are in the same country. You can't depend on a Japanese size 38 being the same size as a size 38 "American" due to the variance of sizing. Best to get a pit to pit to see what you are dealing with.
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I should have also said that Jerri in customer service at Schott is the one to contact for sizing info. Send her your measurements, as well as the peacoat you are interested in buying, and she can tell you her best guess as to the right size for you.

Also, there are a bunch of stores on lower Manhattan that carry Schott. Even closer to home there are 4 or 5 in Brooklyn and your end of Long Island that carry the brand.
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I need some advice/assistance in making my decision for a peacoat this F/W.


My chest size is about 35inches, 5'7 and currently around 130lbs. I work out and plan on bulking up to about 140-145 during the winter. A final weight of 140 is my goal.


I am looking for a peacoat that is slim-fitting, but still able to layer a bit. Typically my layering would just consist of an undershirt, OCBD, and a wool v-neck sweater. I was looking at Sterlingwear's Authentic 34R in grey. Although, I may be interested in purchasing a vintage peacoat instead, if I can find one in good condition for a good price. Do you believe 34R in Sterlingwear would be a wise choice? Also, would you also recommend a 34R in a vintage coat? From what it sounds like, vintage coats tend to be slimmer, so would 36R be a better option?


Your feedback is very much appreciated!

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I'm about the same size 140, 5'7" and size 36 in any peacoat is always too big for me. They tend to look long and a touch big on the shoulders. You should be fine with a 34, as long as you mean OCBD and light wool sweater. I can do a heavy knit under my 34 peacoat, but I don't feel 100% comfortable.
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Sir Grotius is correct about the sizing; a 36 peacoat is too big for someone with a 35" chest.

Don't know that lifting weights is going to cause you to gain weight. It always had the opposite effect on me. I got stronger and more muscular, but I would lose weight.

The Authentics are about the same chest size as the current issue Sterlingwears, which means they fit a bit trimmer than the standard civilian pea coats. Some of the civilian models fit like a tent. This is OK if one is overweight, but for the rest of us, it doesn't work too well. The earlier the vintage issue peacoat, generally the slimmer the fit. This is especially true with the WWII models. The difference isn't that noticeable in the 50s through the 70s. The last year for the vintage Kersey shell was 1979.

A size 34 ought to give you enough room to layer a shirt and a sweater underneath. Make sure you get the pit to pit measurement from the seller if buying vintage. I have three size 34 vintage pea coats, and they all measure 19" p2p. I have seen some that measure a little over 18," which is what I would expect for a size 34, but there is quite a bit of variance with the smaller sizes.

If buying online, through ebay or VT, ask the seller to hold the coat at an angle to a strong light source, such as a daytime window*, and look for flaws. This method will show all imperfections, even if not otherwise visible. Also, get an accurate p2p as this is the basis for a good fit.

Something else to look out for is a sleeve that has been shortened. On a 34, the sleeve length ought to be right at 25" from the seam where the sleeve joins the shoulder down to the end of the cuff.

*This method doesn't work at night, but I wouldn't put it past some ebay sellers to give it a go!
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That's really interesting about peacoat fit over time. It says a lot about our changing bodies!
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Thanks SirGrotius and Peacoat, you both were extremely helpful.

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Anyone have their thoughts on it, quality and sizing? full retail is way too steep imo, but considering it if it goes on sale.

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I'm 5'2, 120 pounds.  Looking for a nice grey peacoat.  Any suggestions where to look? College student budget! 

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Originally Posted by AriGold View Post

Anyone have their thoughts on it, quality and sizing? full retail is way too steep imo, but considering it if it goes on sale. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Not feeling it, since it's imported. Why buy something MIC if you can get the real-deal peacoat's here, or something fashion forward and made in France or Italy? Plus, it looks a little boxy and forced, to me. Tons of better options in that price range.
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The Billy Reid Bond coat is gorgeous. I never owned a peacoat but I do need a new coat for winter in NYC this year.

Do you guys think it will warm me for the entire winter? Also is it worth the price of $675?
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i've found a nice vintage WWII swedish issue peacoat, shoulders are perfect but it's a bit large in the chest, i assume it's possible to have this taken in as on a normal jacket?
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