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Originally Posted by enarchay View Post
Does AE sell lasted shoe trees?

I bought a spring-loaded shoe tree from AE, and I followed their size chart, and I notice the fit is fairly tight--it's a bit difficult to get the shoe tree to slide into the heel. I worry that this will stretch the shoe, but I don't have any alternatives at the moment.

I wish.
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I'm still trying to find a consistent set of steps to take care of my Allen Edmond Park Avenue's.I saw the video on the AE website, then I saw different things on the board.

I applied the AE shoe polish, then tried using the horsehair brush and it seemed to do nothing. I then wiped off the polish with a cloth. The shoes for some reason appear less shiny than they were before I polished them.

Are these the correct steps?

1) Remove dirt
2) Apply shoe polish with cloth
3) Remove shoe polish with cloth
4) Apply wax (if desired)

Also, how do you all store your shoes? Do you try and keep them in the original box/covered or do you just put them on your shoe rack?

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I found this while back, not sure if anyone else needs it It has everything in a convenient package. You can even sent in your shoe in for sunken toe plates
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Ths is what I do every couple of months:
Originally Posted by boxdiver View Post

1) Remove dirt with horsehair brush
2) Apply conditioner
3) Let dry
4) Brush with horsehair bush
5) Buff with soft cloth
6) Apply shoe cream or wax with either a cloth or dauber
7) Let Dry
8) Brush
9) Buff

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