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"˜Commando sole' might refer to the tread pattern.

The English version comes from "˜Itshide' (ITS rubber company), is very thick

and gets stitched on in the same way as a Dainite sole. HUH?

Dainite is a relatively soft rubber, the Itshide is much harder and less flexible. A number of UK companies use Commando for their really heavy field boots.

Most upscale UK booters who now regularly attach Danite previously used ITS's ITSHIDE (the sole originated in the U.S and a UK firm was licensed to manufacture) Commando on the same boots. The last I looked Lobb, Sinjims illustrated it on their website, but most online illustrations of UK field boots now feature Danite. I cyber-investigated the availability of replacement Itshides a couple of years ago with no success. ITS Rubber also marketed an Itshide commando sole in the form of the sole ridges spelling I-T-S-H-I-D-E, similar to the golf sole in the second photo. The company licensed to manufacture the soles was situated somewhere in Northhants a decade ago. Are you sure it still exists and still markets the Itshide soles?

( ) is a shoe refurbished in Manhattan that handles itshide. They offer prepaid mailers to send your shoes to be resoled/refurbished.
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Now that I have 3 pair of boots with Dainite, I want to pipe in here. I really am not a fan. It's fine when it's nice out, but walk in on tile from a wet day and you're on ICE. Also, they're horrid on ice or snow, and being in Michigan, that's like a third of my year.


I'm sure their wear is much better than just leather sole, but I've not liked the tread for any sort of traction.


Some sort of thin commando sole, like above, looks like a much better idea to me.

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