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Differences in C&J?

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Are there differences between the C&J models available in the U.S. and those available from Paris?

For example, I've seen the handgrade Cleveland's on this forum, and available from a European website. I don't even see the Cleveland's on the Paris website. I also see the Drummond only on the Paris site, and nowhere else.
And on Plal, I don't see either:


Those are the two models I want and hope to pick up on my trip to Europe in a few months. Anyone capable of enlightening me here?
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The Paris store features some new designs and lasts before they move into general distribution. The London stores also have models unavailable through the catalogue that Plal are allowed to order from. In terms of quality, the benchgrades are still benchgrades, handgrades handgrades.
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As whopee stated, the Paris store stocks a significant number of models not available at the US Turnbull and Asser kiosk or the London store. The Clevelands are a stock model and available in the US store (I'm almost positive).

The Drummond, I just looked it up on the French site, is a beautiful shoe made on the new elongated 348. I view the 348 as an updated version of the 341. I have a pair on the 341, and it has a very narrow toe box. Unless you have a narrowish D foot, I would look elsewhere (i.e. if you like the Alden Plaza, CJ will fit like crap).
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