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Everyone directly involved in the whole affair feels screwed over. Let's all just let bygones be bygones and move on. Fok.
As long as Andrew ain't back I don't think it's quite as simple as that. I have good tidings though. Andrew is alive and doing well. He has managed to increase the number of his EG shoes to the same that I have, but he's got 8 on MTO order, so he's kinda ahead of me there. I am still reasonably calm though as he has only less than half the amount of John Lobb shoes that I own. Anyway, I'd say that the two of us together could challenge any shoe collector on the planet and we both have the same shoe size. I'm confident Andrew will be back, but after what happened he is entitled to take his time. Just look at it this way - the next shoe damage thread will contain at least 20 pairs! I agree with Pussycat's Boyfriend / Nantucket Red that minimal's ransom note wouldn't leave anyone untouched. It's one of the most moving yet funniest things I have seen and anybody who has something like that made for herself/himself is a very lucky person.