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I am going to echo the 'dryspell' sentiments, also that the smaller the town the better the thrifting.

Thrifting in Omaha was harder than thrifting here in semi-rural Nebraska.

Thrifting in Central Nebraska is much simpler:

I bought a Lee 91-B jacket, for 8$, they turn up on ebay from time to time, the non-repro ones go for 50-200$ a piece.
I bought a perfect fitting BoO short sleeve the other day.
I've found a ton of selvage denim.
All kinds of Lee 101-J's.
I find all sorts of russell athletic and big mac gear. If I had a rakuten account I could make hundreds a month thrifting. I sell some stuff on etsy, but its hit and miss.
I bought 2 polaroid SX-70 cameras, one with a carrying case, flash bulbs,...
I have a minolta with rokkor lenses (50mm f:1.4, and 45mm f:2)
I have found around 7 manual typewriters just in the last 8 months (an olivetti, 4 royals, and a smith corona.
I bought a pair of RW's for less than a dollar in a big box of stuff.
I have found tons and tons of books, a couple first editions, even 2 or 3 signed 1st editions.
I bought a cool Shogun Warriors action figure, it is apparently worth 130 dollars even in as shitty condition as it is in.
I bought about an original coke tray from the mid 50's for 4$, if I wanted to sell it I could easily get 60-80$.
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anyone know any good thrift shops in nyc?
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There's a good thrifting thread in MC. It's a shame this one started out so glum.
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Two words: "Urine stains".
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